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  Friday, 19th december 2014  
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End user licence

By the access to the site, grants the user who accepts it a licence under the present conditions.

The licence confers to the user a right of private use, noncollective and nonexclusive, on the contents of the site. Concerning articles, it includes the right to reproduce for storage purposes of representation on single-user screen and reproduction, in a single specimen, for reading or backup copy on paper.

Concerning music, the licence confers the right to listen to the music and to make copies for a strict personnal usage.

Any network transmission, any broadcast, in any form, even partial, is thus prohibited.

This right is personal, it is reserved for the exclusive and noncollective use of the licencee. It is not transmissible in any manner.

Any other use is subjected to preliminary express authorization.

The violation of these imperative provisions subjects the responsible contravener, and all people, with the penal and civil sorrows envisaged by the law.

For any information and questions regarding the reproduction on electronic medium, or for any other request for reproduction on paper medium, please contact:

La Rédaction,
Case Postale 523
CH-1212 Grand-Lancy 1
Tél. : (41) 22-88-02-09.
Fax. : (41) 22-88-02-13.
e-mail :


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The new version of is now available. This new version has been setup for the 10th anniversary of Madonline. It will include a number of new services, including a music download section. [See]

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