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  Saturday, 20th december 2014  
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Cattle breeding: 80% of the livestock will be vaccinated 10/03/2012 | 10:36:27

80% of the national livestock will be vaccinated. Such is the commitment of the Ministry of Livestock for the annual campaign of vaccination against anthrax. The campaign starts this month of March to last until October. The campaign official launch is scheduled for March 14 in Ambalavao. This district is seen as the passage gate to the Deep South, where cattle breeding is a very important activity.

According to the latest agricultural census of 2005, the Atsimo-Andrefana Region has 1.387.720 cattle heads. This Region takes the lead in terms of cattle breeding, and it is followed by the Sofia Region with 1.094.979 heads. The Haute-Matsiatra Region that the Ambalavao district is part of has 359.578 heads. It should be noted that between 2005 and 2012, statistical figures have evolved for different reasons. There is, for instance, the "dahalo" (bandits) phenomenon, which is very rampant in rural areas, particularly aiming cattle. Moreover, veterinary cares and services are no longer correct and efficient since the Government decided to privatize the sector in the 90s.

While in 2005, the Ministry of Livestock counted 9.687.342 cattle heads throughout the country, it now evokes a figure below 9 million. This means that the national livestock is declining continuously. Zebus are the most affected by this decline. For decades, the promotion of dairy cows is regularly more or less assured by agricultural development projects or by the ministry itself. So, the vaccination campaign comes at the right time to stem a little bit the threat that is pending on local livestock. As a matter of fact, anthrax is one of the most common diseases affecting cattle.


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