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  Sunday, 21th december 2014  
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Conservation International: two environmental guide-books 18/04/2012 | 08:20:23

According to the publication "Songadina" of the NGO Conservation International (CI), from the perspective that human being can achieve development without harming the natural resources which provide the latter with good things and services, the CI has published two guide-books destined for actors in conservation and development.

The first one, "Torolalana amin'ny fanarenana atiala" (Forest Restoration Guide), describes, among other things, the different criteria and important steps required to identify species, land and appropriate restoration techniques to ensure the sustainability of the action. Indeed, the restoration of forest and natural resources is conducted in many ways, including the transfers of natural resource management to local communities and particularly to the contractual management of Forest (GCF).

 The second guide, "Torolalana Momba tetikasa velontena" (Autonomous Project Guide), in its turn, helps the practitioner or the actor of development to choose the most appropriate approaches and activities for a sustainable livelihood activity. Both guides are very useful for conservation and development actors working around forest areas in the restoration of degraded forests or the interdependency of forests.


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