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  Friday, 19th december 2014  
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General strike of public servants from July 2nd on 29/06/2012 | 09:36:44

Civil servantsí unions jointly assessed on June 27th the general situation of civil servants and confirmed as a result the beginning of a general strike as a warning to the ruling power. From July 2nd on, the administration is likely to fail from working the normal way. The will of the transitional power is being more and more challenged and its trick deemed to divide the rising front, proving to be useless.

Since the year 2009 and the beginning of the transition, civil servants’ strikes have repeatedly been expressing various claims on end to a ruling power playing a deaf ear to their claims. The armed forces however, immediately got whatever they wanted. This fact became a significant cause of frustration among civil servants who now decided to join forces and strike. Each and every ministry is bound to respond. The general strike will become the civil servants’ opportunity to make their indignation clear.


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21/08/2012 | 18:13:02
The court decided. Three suspects having attempted to murder the transitional leader Andry Rajoelina, by the use of sorcery, have all been released. The local DST (the ruling powerís secret services) arrested them three months ago. Willy Razafinjatovo, alias Olala, the suspectsí lawyer, pointed at an alleged manipulation since his clients revealed in court that they were forced by DST agents to incriminate the Transitional Prime Minister Omer Beriziky. [See]

20/08/2012 | 13:48:48
The Protestant Church Unionís great synod held in Manakara has been being tackled for a few days so far. The election of the unionís officeís new member began on Monday, August, 20th. The identity of new president of the church will be known as a conclusion to the on-going synod on August 22th. [See]

17/08/2012 | 11:24:18
For the fourth time in a row, the Malagasy crisis is being addressed in Maputo, the Mozambican capital city. Andry Rajoelina and Marc Ravalomanana are currently in Maputo city, presenting their respective stands before the mediation and the SADCís troika members. The SADCís chief of statesí summit will assess the situation, decide and render its verdict at the end of the meeting on August 17th and 18th. Everyone concerned by this crisis focuses on the events developing in the Mozambican capital city. It would seem like every Malagasy were enduring four years of crisis merely for the sake of waiting for the regional organization to take a stand [See]

14/08/2012 | 18:47:11
At least some 350 people are actually being expected to attend the FJKM Protestant Churchís general Synod deemed to take place from August, 15th to August, 22nd in Manakara, in the south eastern part of the country. The synod stirs this time around quite a lot of attention due to the islandís second to none political turmoil. The Churchís very ruling stratum will actually be reshuffled by his synod. [See]

13/08/2012 | 19:20:38
The capital cityís professors, students and staff firmly reconfirmed their claims in the run of a gathering. Professors are actually still running after the implementation of a decree basically supposed to insure them more privileges. [See]

12/08/2012 | 16:31:57
Andry Rajoelina has since 2009 been actually having nothing concrete to rely on but the armed forcesí top command. The SADCís troika delegation led by the South African Vice Minister Marius Fransman completed its latest tour of talks in Antananarivo with a five hours long meeting with the armyís leading cast. [See]

10/08/2012 | 18:58:20
The SADCís Troika delegation led by Marius Fransman, South African Vice Minister, vehemently strains to inspire reconciliation in Madagascar in spite of the latest failure of key talks in the Seychelles. No agreement was reached by the main decision makers in this crisis, but still, Marius Fransman conscientiously keeps going on. [See]

06/08/2012 | 18:15:20
The never ending Malagasy political crisis goes on. The couple of main decision makers are in for another round of talks, the second one, in the Seychelles islands. They are deemed to meet on August 8th. The average Joe back home has however long lost any good prospect. [See]

03/08/2012 | 15:26:20
In the run of a religious ceremony held at the military chapel of Ampahibe, in Antananarivo, the MFM party celebrated its foundationís fortieth anniversary. Forty years after the year 1972ís popular movement, Manandafy & Co. are still in the race. The MFM is currently part of the Marc Ravalomanana political sphere. The party has been opposing since early 2009 the young putsch maker Rajoelina, and was rewarded by the ruling power with the arrest of its leader in the same year and detention in Mantasoa. [See]

01/08/2012 | 15:24:31
For the sake of avoiding the international communityís criticisms, the Independent National Electoral Commission has held the UN expertsí advices in account. The Malagasy elections would take place in 2013. The presidential electionís first round is supposed to be taking place on May 8th, 2013. The second round, together with the legislative elections would be held on July 3rd. Local communal elections will follow suit on Oct. 23rd, 2013. So did the CENI decide after three days spent addressing the issue in the outskirts of the Madagascan capital city. The calendar remains however quite theoretical as long as the main disputing parties in the Malagasy political crisis do not reach anything like a deal. [See]


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