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  Sunday, 21th december 2014  
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The Ravalomanana spheres reacts against the violent unilateralism policy 01/05/2012 | 22:21:10

After being dealt with by the HAT’s police forces with tear gas, Mamy Rakotoarivelo is now the Rajoelina regime’s next political target. The President of the transitional congress is being summoned by the ordinary criminal court, as a matter of fact a flagrant violation of the roadmap. The victim denounced the resumption of the unilateralism policy and announced that the Ravalomanana political sphere is to keep away from whatever parliamentary and governmental meetings.

"The Ravalomanana sphere declares its intention to stay away from any parliamentarian and governmental meeting and decision until the publication of the troika’s decisions concerning the current stand of the recovery of social and political peace, the return of exiled figures and the events of latest Saturday. "
The statement was produced by Rakotoarivelo Mamy. "We do not withdraw from the process, but merely our presence into meetings of any kind."
Congress president said he knew nothing yet about an alleged impeachment measure to be directed against him. "Do they really believe that this would possibly contribute to appeasement?" he wondered. "They are trying to recover an undisputed rule whereas the first paces towards common ground were achieved". According Rakotoarivelo Mamy, the transitional regime happens to be consensual in theory.
"The Ravalomanana sphere has merely 57 out of 365 representatives in Congress. Although, I am the one to be elected as president," he outlined while recalling that inclusiveness matters more than majority and minority. Now targeted by the HAT’s justice, Mamy Rakotoarivelo denounced the violation of the roadmap’s pledged protection against whatever politically motivated trial.
As for the events of Saturday, in which the Ravalomanana sphere’s supporters’ peaceful demonstration was brutally disrupted by the HAT’s devoted police forces, the president of the transitional congress made no secret of his indignation. "I went there as head of an institution to engage talks with the armed forces basically supposed to serve and defend national institutions. The repression of this kind cannot be tolerated.  Was it because our political ideas are not the same? It would hint that the armed forces are biased" he said.

"Mamy Rakotoarivelo and I were specially targeted," testified Hanitra Razafimanantsoa to the gathered activists. She denounced the armed forces’ flagrant lack of respect for institution members. "This is the money time, we are facing a crucial decision" she said.
The exiled president Marc Ravalomanana took charge. "Officials from the TC (transitional council), STC(supreme transitional council) and from the government were attacked by tear gas ... Participation into the transitional regime will be suspended in expectation of the SADC’s reaction, "he said.
Parliamentarians and ministers stemming from the Ravalomanana sphere did obey. The parliament’s special session began merely with the Rajoelina sphere. The TGV parliamentarians left on their own into their unilateral policy are straining to play their counterparts’ reaction down by recalling that many signatories of the roadmap are still in. There are indeed other virtual groups dispatched from the Rajoelina sphere and serving no other purpose but granting a faked majority in this transition to the mother-ship


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29/04/2012 | 09:58:13
The Ravalomanana political sphere’s transitional parliamentarians and ministers were not able to access the "place of democracy" in Ambohijatovo. The HAT’s police forces did what it takes to disperse the sphere’s supporters basically expecting to listen to the officials’ report about the current political situation concerning the implementation of the roadmap. Political repression is, just as usual, being conducted and legally covered by law enforcement charges, since opposition’s demonstration in this "prohibited place" is not and would anyway never be authorized. [See]

14/04/2012 | 19:28:23
Will the almost unanimous vote of the Amnesty Law for the sake of National Reconciliation be reconciling the Malagasy? The year 2009’s putsch makers’ virtual majority in both parliamentarian chambers actually fixed the debate from scratch. The challenge remains the same: Andry Rajoelina must not have to confront Marc Ravalomanana in the presidential race. The amnesty law in its current shape happens to be thoroughly contradicting the roadmap’s mind. Its purpose is to rule the odd ones out [See]

13/04/2012 | 22:18:18
The amnesty draft expected to bring national reconciliation back has been passed by both chambers of the transitional parliament dominated by Rajoelina’s sphere. The result is not surprising considering that not a single parliamentarian has ever been elected. The TGV made law happens to be putting the odd ones out without having to extensively name them. The Ravalomanana sphere expressed its opposition and withdrew from the "absurd" vote, taking away by so doing the precious inclusiveness. [See]

05/04/2012 | 21:52:22
Now that the time has come for the police forces to assess how good they have been preserving security and social peace in Antananarivo, the macabre murder which recently took place at General Claude Ramananarivo’s home ruined any potentially good balance sheet. Do the armed forces have to face up to their demons again? The crime does bear so many similarities with a plot. The former state police’s commander actually completed his duty regarding political events into which the army was largely involved. [See]

27/03/2012 | 22:46:16
The amnesty law definitely happens to be the key to the Malagasy crisis created by putsch in 2009. The related political negotiations had moreover quite a poor start. The ultimate goal remains the presidential election; President Marc Ravalomanana and national reconciliation. In order to settle the issue, the SADC certainly produced a memorandum which is however being interpreted the other way. [See]

18/03/2012 | 19:52:55
The short visit paid by the Troika and the SADC experts in Antananarivo proved not decisive. It was rather the first episode of a consultation process focusing on the amnesty bill. The memorandum drafted by the delegation led by Marius Fransman will not yet the law deemed to settle the crisis. The transitional parliament will be the one entitled to the last say. [See]

14/03/2012 | 20:47:21
The current delegation of legal experts and Troika members sent by the SADC is not expecting to settle the Malagasy crisis right away as a whole. Lowering tensions might well be widely accepted, but reconciliation is definitely not, for enmity is deeply poled between political adversaries. The amnesty bill comes up to a tool deemed to rule the odd ones out. [See]

11/03/2012 | 16:54:22
Where is Rajoelina and what does he intrigue? So sounds many Malagascans’ question of the month. February was characterized by unprecedented political aggressiveness; the HAT’s leader puts up a low profile in face of stacking up social problems. Although being directly targeted by criticism, his reaction sums up to pressuring his ministers. [See]

10/03/2012 | 18:44:40
The HAT ignored the SADC’s latest deadline for restoring appeasement and voting an amnesty bill, and turned the implementation of the roadmap into a dead end. No other takes over but home based slovenly talks. The idea of ​​a new transition is gaining ground, now that fair power sharing and consensus were kept out of the deal [See]


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