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  Sunday, 21th december 2014  
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Ambohidtratrimo (cc) Er Rzf Ambohidratrimo, the Rebel’s hill 18/09/2013 | 07:49:19

About 7 miles away in the west from the capital city, the hill of Ambohidratrimo offers a very ideal vantage point over the eastern side of Antananarivo city. From there, the capital city’s central hill, Manjakamiadana and its Queen’s Palace clearly protrudes from the horizon. Yet, Ambohidratrimo happens to be much less famed by its military advantage than by its popularity among lovers and lazybones in search of a quiet place, for the access to the area is quite easy. One mere bus ride actually leads to the location of the ancient palace and the royal graveyard.

As expected, the hill is nowhere short of historical relevance. During King Andriamasinavalona’s years on the throne of Antananarivo, in the years 1700, Ambohidratrimo was home to one of his sons named Andriatompoinimerina (no link with Andrianampoinimerina, the King who tackled the unification of whole island in 1787 and achieved it in 1810). For looking down on this share of inheritance held as unworthy of his status, the young lord of Ambohidratrimo decided to turn against his father, Andriamasinavalona. To his death, he was never forgiven, and not allowed to rest in peace inside the royal graveyard.


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10/10/2014 | 12:14:50
Located some forty kilometers from the capital city center, the town named Ambatomanga reflects the uniqueness of the rural surroundings of Antananarivo. [See]

25/09/2014 | 17:56:35
Such a place like Ranomafana is less famed for its notorious natural park of the same name than for its available thermal baths. [See]

22/09/2014 | 07:38:47
Apart from crafts, the Amoron'Imania area is renowned for the quality of its honey and for the traditional Malagasy silk. [See]

17/09/2014 | 07:55:52
In Mahajanga, the city of flowers, the leading beach of the chart is undisputedly the Grand Pavois, merely six miles away to the North of the city center. The popularity of the Grand Pavois is just as large among locals as holiday makers literally rushing there like a raid party. [See]

10/09/2014 | 21:09:25
The number of local and foreign tourists making for the seaside of Toamasina city is said to have been receding. Local professionals consequently got a move on to restore the eastern coast's fame to what it used to be, hoping this recovery to tip the scales. [See]

28/08/2014 | 14:15:59
The areas located west of the capital city increasingly attract potential visitors, first among them Antananarivo's city dwellers themselves. [See]

19/08/2014 | 13:40:15
In the North of the northeastern Mahajanga region, near the small town of Antsanitia stretches the near perfect blend of primeval beaches and cooling sunshine. [See]

04/08/2014 | 18:42:58
Ancient Madagascans used to believe the souls of the dead to head for Ambondrombe. Very soon enough, the livings might take over the dead and walk the same path...alive though. [See]

30/07/2014 | 23:10:23
The Tourism Office seated in Antananarivo city also offers treks and visits of the villages of Akamasoa, its brand new type of product. Visitors get the opportunity to discover Father Pedros running charity projects live. Far beyond unusually petty houses and walks over the hill, a taste of a developing humanitarian rescue plan is awaiting. God helps those who help their own selves, does he not? "In Akamasoa, we have given the evidence that faith, passion, goal and will are pledges for solutions to whatever problem comes forth!" Father Pedro dixit. [See]

25/07/2014 | 10:04:25
Itampolo is the name of a small village located on the south-western coast of the Great Isle, about 400 km away from Toliara, the capital city of southwestern province. [See]


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