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  Thursday, 24th april 2014  
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Ambohidtratrimo (cc) Er Rzf Ambohidratrimo, the Rebel’s hill 18/09/2013 | 07:49:19

About 7 miles away in the west from the capital city, the hill of Ambohidratrimo offers a very ideal vantage point over the eastern side of Antananarivo city. From there, the capital city’s central hill, Manjakamiadana and its Queen’s Palace clearly protrudes from the horizon. Yet, Ambohidratrimo happens to be much less famed by its military advantage than by its popularity among lovers and lazybones in search of a quiet place, for the access to the area is quite easy. One mere bus ride actually leads to the location of the ancient palace and the royal graveyard.

As expected, the hill is nowhere short of historical relevance. During King Andriamasinavalona’s years on the throne of Antananarivo, in the years 1700, Ambohidratrimo was home to one of his sons named Andriatompoinimerina (no link with Andrianampoinimerina, the King who tackled the unification of whole island in 1787 and achieved it in 1810). For looking down on this share of inheritance held as unworthy of his status, the young lord of Ambohidratrimo decided to turn against his father, Andriamasinavalona. To his death, he was never forgiven, and not allowed to rest in peace inside the royal graveyard.


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15/04/2014 | 08:12:42
Ampamarinana, one among the Four Protestant Temples built on the capital city's heights, stands where the first Christian believers prosecuted by the royal ruling power by then, were thrown off the cliff. [See]

07/04/2014 | 09:04:50
Some six miles away from Antsirabe city towers a Tritriva volcanic waters lake which has not revealed all of its secrets yet. [See]

02/04/2014 | 18:34:03
A place like the commune of Ambohimanga distinguishes at best the central highlands of Madagascar. He, who has a short stay in Antananarivo city and a shadow of interest into its culture, must pay a visit to this place, some 12 miles away to the north of the capital city. [See]

31/03/2014 | 11:11:13
Halfway ( in the south) between Antananarivo and Toliara on the National Road No. 7, Ambalavao is by rights the capital of the Malagasy wine. [See]

24/03/2014 | 18:56:27
Unlike the largest part of the Great Isle's central highlands, Anjozorobe has successfully been successfully preserving a significant area of primeval woods safe. [See]

17/03/2014 | 17:57:37
Built up several decades ago, the national road number 12 section stretching between the cities of Farafangana and Vangaindrano, in the south eastern part of Madagascar, is still in a decent enough estate to allow a mostly enjoyable trip . [See]

12/03/2014 | 03:30:41
In the national park of Marojejy, a tour leads visitors to a naturally developed pool in which an utterly relaxing bath awaits as a reward [See]

03/03/2014 | 22:05:36
In the Island's western Menabe region, the irrigation system installed of the Dabara stream constitutes a genuine pledge for life [See]

19/02/2014 | 06:58:59
Together with the beautiful scenery, two waterfalls also make the Andringitra mountain range’s fame. The national park is definitely nowhere near to run short of assets. [See]

17/02/2014 | 08:48:53
The remnants of the Malagasy capital city's peculiar ancient architecture are best reflected by four Protestant temples protruding from the city's heights. And every passing year seem to make them more curious than ever before. [See]


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