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  Wednesday, 24th september 2014  
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Antsampanana, a turning plate for exotic products 04/11/2013 | 07:05:45

Located 140 miles away from the capital city is the compulsory stopover of Antsampanana to whoever hits the road towards the eastern part of the Great Isle. Travelers get a warm welcome from Antsampanana's traditional restaurants famed across the island for the ales on their set meals. The small town of Antsampanana still has another card up its sleeve, namely a rich stock of exotic fruits.

The shops standing along the National Road already provide with a good looking taste of the pending discoveries. The town is literally teeming with regional and endemic species of fruits like the Soanambo, the Pocanelle, the Ranjaly or the Ampalibe. The names are obviously likely to mean nothing to those who never tasted their owners, considering that these species are found nowhere but on the lost continent which once linked India to Africa. Antsampanana happens to be one of these markets where they can be purchased at relatively low costs. Local farmers would eventually offer the opportunity to taste the natural taste of cocoa. This commodity massively and industrially gets turned into chocolate, taste of which is much widely known all around the world compared to that of its basic ingredient. Antsampanana, the taste discovery crossroads, 140 miles in the East of Antananarivo city, at the bend towards Vatomandry; see you when you there!


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28/08/2014 | 14:15:59
The areas located west of the capital city increasingly attract potential visitors, first among them Antananarivo's city dwellers themselves. [See]

19/08/2014 | 13:40:15
In the North of the northeastern Mahajanga region, near the small town of Antsanitia stretches the near perfect blend of primeval beaches and cooling sunshine. [See]

04/08/2014 | 18:42:58
Ancient Madagascans used to believe the souls of the dead to head for Ambondrombe. Very soon enough, the livings might take over the dead and walk the same path...alive though. [See]

30/07/2014 | 23:10:23
The Tourism Office seated in Antananarivo city also offers treks and visits of the villages of Akamasoa, its brand new type of product. Visitors get the opportunity to discover Father Pedros running charity projects live. Far beyond unusually petty houses and walks over the hill, a taste of a developing humanitarian rescue plan is awaiting. God helps those who help their own selves, does he not? "In Akamasoa, we have given the evidence that faith, passion, goal and will are pledges for solutions to whatever problem comes forth!" Father Pedro dixit. [See]

25/07/2014 | 10:04:25
Itampolo is the name of a small village located on the south-western coast of the Great Isle, about 400 km away from Toliara, the capital city of southwestern province. [See]

14/07/2014 | 10:20:32
La forêt des Sept lacs se trouve à l’Est du plateau calcaire Mahafaly, l’un des derniers grands blocs de forêts primaires que compte l’île et qui s’étend sur près de 12500 km² de superficie dans la partie Sud-ouest de Madagascar. [See]

23/06/2014 | 11:49:03
The Mahajanga province is by rights allowed to boast its "City of Flowers" now progressively recovery its past dazzle. Still, its locations filled with major historical memory are definitely neither the last nor the least of its curiosities, which are not worth the call in. [See]

16/06/2014 | 18:55:34
The region of Maevatanana used to be famed by its outstandingly hot weather; it is as well by the gold rush driving bold adventurers to the area called Antanimbary. [See]

10/06/2014 | 08:39:12
The name of Mantasoa went down in history first as the place which hosted one of the island's first industrial facilities founded by a certain Jean Laborde, Frenchman and friend to the Kingdom of Madagascar. [See]

02/06/2014 | 08:37:01
Dominating the western lands of Madagascar, the Tsiribihina river has conquered a place of its own as tourist attraction [See]


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