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  Sunday, 21th december 2014  
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Mad'Musik a new way to discover malagasy artists

We are proud to present the first malagasy music titles available in our new official music download section.

This is probably the first official music download web site of Madagascar. Official because we have taken great care to contract with international author rights protection organisms and producers for all available songs published here.

The music presented here is of great quality. We are using at least 128kps, 44100 MHz stereo mp3 files for good listening confort.

This web site has been thouroughly tested. However, as it is its first days, you may encouter some errors. Please feel free to contact us in that case: madmusik at

If you are a malagasy music producer or author, please contact us to know more about how Madonline can help you distribute your music in the whole world.


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