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  Monday, 22th december 2014  
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YLTP: Launch of the eighth class 21/03/2012 | 18:06:28

The goal of the YLTP or Youth Leadership Training Program is to train young leaders who are well informed, full of commitment, creators of new political cultures and who are ready to take over the management of their society and their nation. As part of the effort of achieving this goal, which seems a bit heavy compared to today’s political concepts, the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES) organizes the annual training program called Youth Leadership Training Program.

The training is composed of two distinct modules, namely courses on personal development and the thematic courses that deal with issues relating to society, nation and globalization. This year, in its eighth class, the program plans to host 25 participants out of the 300 applications received. These participants are representatives of the 22 regions of Madagascar in all their diversity and plurality and are from various fields and organizations, including political parties, media and civil society.


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