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  Monday, 22th december 2014  
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Employment sector: the United Nations is bringing its support 29/06/2012 | 08:01:26

As part of its ongoing interim program, the United Nations will provide help and support to the employment sector, the only sector that suffers the most from the crisis in Madagascar, through the implementation and improvement of support services related to finance, management and investment. Such effort will be made in order to reinforce the capacity building of companies as well as job hunters so that it would easier to create decent and productive jobs. Besides, special systems for developing inclusive markets will be implemented to establish a close commercial link between producers and potential buyers.

Quality infrastructures will be subjected to particular attention because they will facilitate the respect of International standards, namely in the phytosanitary sector. The HIMO (a community workforce) will be promoted within different public work companies, allowing them to create jobs. Access to different financial services, namely microfinance loan service, will also get special attention and improvement to allow people from vulnerable situations to benefit from these services.


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