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  Monday, 22th december 2014  
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Madagascar-Turkey: Turkish investors soon in the country 20/07/2012 | 08:18:03

Recently on an official trip in Turkey, the Minister in charge of the Development and Country planning, Hajo Andrianainarivelo, performed a courtesy visit to the Turkish Minister of Environment and Urbanization, Erdogan Bayraktar in the Turkish capital Ankara.

A workshop session ensued from the visit and the discussion between the two parties was focused on the development of an exchange of experience and know-how and assistance on urbanization and housing construction projects. During his visit in Turkey, Hajo Andrianainarivelo was accompanied by the General Manager of Analogh, Dera Randriatsarafara.

As part of his ongoing effort to seek economic development in Madagascar, the Minister met the chairman of the Turkish businessmen and industrialists confederation gathered within Tukson, Rizanur Meral. This confederation currently brings together about 170.000 members. This second meeting focused primarily on future collaboration between the two countries and, of course, the future visit of Turkish investors in the Big Island.


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