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  Saturday, 20th december 2014  
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Reforestation campaign 2012-2013: Ambatovy gets involved 16/01/2013 | 17:06:59

As part of its objective of growing and distributing 240 000 young forest plants, the Ambatovy Project has started off its reforestation campaign for the year 2012-2013. As a start, 140 000 young plants are to be planted all along the areas where pipelines will be established through an intensive reforestation activity. Those areas consist of the rural Commune of Ambatovola, Ranomafana Est and Anivorano Est, and the Districts of Moramanga and Brickaville.

In fact, the Ambatovy Project grows plants in 4 communal nurseries located in Ambavaniasy, Ampasimpotsy, Anivorano Est and Marovato, where 40 000 young forest plants are to be distributed to the Fokontany of Ambavaniasy, Fanovana, Beforona and Ambinanisahavola. In addition, 50 000 plants will be forwarded to 5 Fokontany of the Commune of Anivorano Est and 2 other Fokontany of the Commune of Razanaka. Also, 5 Fokontany of the Commune of Ranomafana Est have been supplied with other 50 000 plants.  As for the remaining 100 000 young plants, they will be used to satisfy the ever increasing demands of the different partners and local associations of Toamasina I and Toamasina II.

Composed of species of eucalyptus, acacias and pine tree, the young plants supplied by Ambatovy will be used during collective as well as individual reforestation activities; both are estimated to cover a total area of 10ha. In the effort to remedy to the loss of vegetation, reforestation in the implementation zones of pipelines will help farmers to curb the negative impacts of “Tavy” and bushfires, particularly soil erosion and droughts.



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