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  Friday, 25th july 2014  
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Antsoheribory, cradle to the Antalaotra or Antalaotsy 23/06/2014 | 11:49:03

The Mahajanga province is by rights allowed to boast its "City of Flowers" now progressively recovery its past dazzle. Still, its locations filled with major historical memory are definitely neither the last nor the least of its curiosities, which are not worth the call in.

To nature, Antsoheribory is but a small sandy island lost in the Bay of Boeny in the Mozambique Channel, well covered in the southwest with mangroves regularly bathed by the tide, but much more welcoming from its center to its northeastern end. To people, this small island used to be a major bone of contention, as recalled by the presence of a "doany", a sacred house of Sakalava origin. But long before the Sakalava, an ancient nation called the "Antalaotsy", name understood as "those who come from the sea", massively boarded the island, potentially due to military downturn or most likely because of the attractive commercial activities conducted with Arabian traders pushed away from their Islamic homelands by then torn apart by emerging divisions. Those traders from the Gulf settled on the northwest coast of Madagascar, merged into the local population, and subsequently gave birth to the  Antalaotsy Islamic culture. In the process, Antsoheribory had become one of the most prominent Arabian trading posts of the time. Nowadays on the island it is still possible to catch a glimpse of 45 remains of ancient tombs, ruins of two major houses adorned with a large dome, which would have served as a "Cabin to the Sultan," and a mosque. According to archaeological excavations, the island was occupied between 1580 and 1750.


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14/07/2014 | 10:20:32
La forêt des Sept lacs se trouve à l’Est du plateau calcaire Mahafaly, l’un des derniers grands blocs de forêts primaires que compte l’île et qui s’étend sur près de 12500 km² de superficie dans la partie Sud-ouest de Madagascar. [See]

16/06/2014 | 18:55:34
The region of Maevatanana used to be famed by its outstandingly hot weather; it is as well by the gold rush driving bold adventurers to the area called Antanimbary. [See]

10/06/2014 | 08:39:12
The name of Mantasoa went down in history first as the place which hosted one of the island's first industrial facilities founded by a certain Jean Laborde, Frenchman and friend to the Kingdom of Madagascar. [See]

02/06/2014 | 08:37:01
Dominating the western lands of Madagascar, the Tsiribihina river has conquered a place of its own as tourist attraction [See]

23/05/2014 | 09:39:56
Founded in 1725 by a certain Andriamangarira, the city of Antsahadinta keeps holding scores of tracks of the once glorious past eras. [See]

20/05/2014 | 19:16:44
The call from Madagascar relayed by the Vanilla Islands has reached sympathetic ears. On Tuesday, May 20th 2014, France made a welcome move by finally lifting the orange classification from Nosy Be island. Its foreign office's formal statement disclosed that "the deployment of additional human and material resources by and for security forces proved fruitful to the recovery of peaceful security standards noticed over several weeks." [See]

20/05/2014 | 09:06:37
The International Tourism Exhibition of Madagascar was attended by major representatives of the Vanilla Isles. Madagascar, the Comoros, Mayotte, La Reunion, the Seychelles and Mauritius join hands to strengthen their marketing power. [See]

14/05/2014 | 08:40:21
One hour ride away in the east of the capital city, the area called Mandraka lies as one of these places which retained its natural face in spite of growing human activity. [See]

07/05/2014 | 08:52:59
Tahiti kely and its wonderful beach have not gone down unnoticed to holiday makers heading to Toamasina city [See]


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