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  Saturday, 20th december 2014  
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26/03/2010 | 10:27:33
Marc Ravalomanana reiterated that the true motive behind the putsch remained the interest of some foreign countries for Madagascar's underground wealth, more particularly the big scale crude oil reserves. France is on top of the chart of the economic powers ogling at the Great Isle's wealth. [See]

>> Oil aand France

Posted by DME, on 28/03/2010 21:30:45
Funny but when visiting Mada last year we came across some very high people representing France from a small nearby Island. The goal was to get Andry to understand he had done and great job and would be rewarded handsomely in cash and other forms of wealth direct from France but he must also let the election process proceed democratically.
Andry was not about to step down once he took power and France has a bit of a problem with his refusal.
The topic of oil came up as a new find and why a new government had to be put in place. I thought the whole idea was like a spy novel from Dan Brown but now I am seeing more and more that these people where real playing a real game with no rules.
It a shame to see our friends hurt from the outfall of big business and politics. The people do not deserve this and if our world could ever live in peace it would be a great place. Good luck to a peaceful resolution.

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