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  Monday, 22th december 2014  
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18/03/2012 | 19:52:55
The short visit paid by the Troika and the SADC experts in Antananarivo proved not decisive. It was rather the first episode of a consultation process focusing on the amnesty bill. The memorandum drafted by the delegation led by Marius Fransman will not yet the law deemed to settle the crisis. The transitional parliament will be the one entitled to the last say. [See]

14/03/2012 | 20:47:21
The current delegation of legal experts and Troika members sent by the SADC is not expecting to settle the Malagasy crisis right away as a whole. Lowering tensions might well be widely accepted, but reconciliation is definitely not, for enmity is deeply poled between political adversaries. The amnesty bill comes up to a tool deemed to rule the odd ones out. [See]

11/03/2012 | 16:54:22
Where is Rajoelina and what does he intrigue? So sounds many Malagascans’ question of the month. February was characterized by unprecedented political aggressiveness; the HAT’s leader puts up a low profile in face of stacking up social problems. Although being directly targeted by criticism, his reaction sums up to pressuring his ministers. [See]

10/03/2012 | 18:44:40
The HAT ignored the SADC’s latest deadline for restoring appeasement and voting an amnesty bill, and turned the implementation of the roadmap into a dead end. No other takes over but home based slovenly talks. The idea of ​​a new transition is gaining ground, now that fair power sharing and consensus were kept out of the deal [See]

26/02/2012 | 21:31:24
The HAT and the Rajoelina sphere will be jointly rejecting the SADC’s wishes. They will not concede any amnesty bill. The parliament openly cast the issue away, and its president Mamy Rakotoarivelo could not oppose it. Will the electoral code and commission be the accomplished facts deemed to do away with an unsettled crisis? Wining time seems to be the single relevant stake. [See]

07/02/2012 | 20:04:28
The remembrance of February 7th, 2009 is turning into the ruling power´s latest excuse for its putsch. Propaganda is being excessively exaggerated at the expenses of credibility. Three years later, challenging those who sacrificed militants for the sake of blaming that time´s ruling power is definitely widespread. [See]

02/02/2012 | 21:09:53
The Rehavana case, related to the magistrate kidnapped and beaten to death in custody by police officers, reached a fully unexpected scale. Madagascar´s Union of Magistrates officially challenges the police department and the ruling power for the sake of their late colleague. It actually intends to avenge the past humiliations and, from now on, have a say in the court of big boys. [See]

27/01/2012 | 18:59:36
The SADC might well have summoned the Malagasy political leaders, namely the HAT and other movements, to join Pretoria, but lies concerning the meeting´s outcome are widespread. Interpretations are once more as usual strongly contradicting, and cannot return any reliable explanation of the truth. So, only one thing is so far to be held for granted. HAT realized a couple of things: it will from now on find it hard to impose unilateral decisions, no matter what its army means about it, and even harder, if not yet impossible, to oppose Marc Ravalomanana´s return home. Rajoelina and his movement have an option left: saving time by controlling a selective amnesty. [See]

21/01/2012 | 15:07:20
The armed forces´ leadership would have liked the leader of the HAT to issue a NOTAM against Marc Ravalomanana quite earlier. The army´s top command publicly stood against this comeback, and being challenged was not to its liking. It, which was basically supposed to be neutral, has put pressure on a Rajoelina forced once again to violate the road map. [See]

21/01/2012 | 14:54:17
The Airlink airways´ aircraft with Marc Ravalomanana on board broke its course over the Mozambique Channel as the pilot was not allowed to land in with the exiled president on board. A ban personally issued by the leader of the HAT popped up. The Communication Minister poorly tried to save the face, and the resulting strange contradiction conveyed irony throughout the web. He declared that the aircraft would have been ordered to land in on another airfield so that police forces are able to conduct proper arrest. The NOTAM was however definitely issued and denied the right to land in on any of the island´s airfields to the aircraft. [See]


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