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  Sunday, 21th december 2014  
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19/04/2012 | 08:51:58
That’s it! Through a warning letter hinting pending threats to close the station, the HAT’s minister in charge of mastering communications opened fire on the FREE FM radio station’s reporters. FREE FM happens to be a station criticizing the transitional ruling power’s management on a daily basis. This ruling power is now retaliating. [See]

17/04/2012 | 08:24:11
The RTA channel has recently been indirectly getting rid of its animators specialized in entertainment shows. Its new owner’s political ambitions are gradually transforming the whole channel’s face. [See]

28/02/2012 | 07:17:28
Bad luck chance for Jean Paul Randrianiaina, former reporter at the catholic radio channel DON BOSCO and at Rajoelina’s VIVA radio channel. Jean Paul Randrianiaina used to be one of the HAT’s current communication minister’s advisors, Harry Laurent Rahajason. The reporter sent out a spam reporting alleged looting and strife projects throughout Antananarivo, and caused panic in the capital city. He was fired on this account, and now threatened to be charged. [See]

21/02/2012 | 12:28:34
After several weeks long disputes within the guild, the Malagasy journalists have decided to postpone the election of one supposed to represent them insied the Independent National Electoral Commission. [See]

16/01/2012 | 07:58:03
Reporters have been especially invited together with artists and Malagasy sport figures to greet the president of the High Authority of Transition. Rufin Rakotomaharo, the latest president of the Journalists´ Order, produced a speech on behalf of his colleagues, in which he called upon more press freedom, the authorization to reopen TV and radio stations closed by the ruling power and the ending of the so called press crimes [See]

30/12/2011 | 14:37:29
The TV PLUS private media station received an official warning letter. A reporter is being wanted by the state police, and not any of the stations silenced in the aftermaths of the year 2009´s putsch have been allowed to broadcast again. Hard days for the press. [See]

22/12/2011 | 19:12:11

22/12/2011 | 17:39:18

22/12/2011 | 10:29:42

14/12/2011 | 06:57:24
A number of reporters are currently in the communication ministry´s sight in the run of its intention to restore “order” in the press. The ministry´s ethics commission is so far being acting since some weeks. Minister Harry Rahajason met some of the capital city´s reporters and declared that sanctions are likely to sanction any violation of ethics and laws. [See]


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