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  Friday, 19th december 2014  
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21/04/2012 | 21:36:00
The national reforestation campaign was supposed to be a twice more relevant milestone event. On the one hand, growing rosewood forests anew instead of the usual polonias, ranvintsara and eucalyptus should have been an occasion for the Rajoelina regime to call for some redemption. On the other hand, the event was expected to display an evidence of solidarity in this transition supposed to be consensual and inclusive transition meant. But nothing went it was meant to. [See]

31/03/2012 | 23:31:00
Rajoelina tackled his unconstitutional term in office in Madagascar three months after Barack Obama’s electoral victory in the United States. The American outgoing president now has to run the electoral race anew, but the leader of the dictating power in Madagascar keeps on firmly clinching on to his position one year after the end of the deadline given by the HCC to restore order after the unconstitutional government change. Despite Andry Rajoelina’s understandable self-satisfaction, the score sheet of his three years long dictating role is clearly a disaster. [See]

23/03/2012 | 20:10:30
The HAT revived the trial concerning the military putsch, allegedly attempted inside the BANI base camp, in order to charge the intellectual Raymond Ranjeva and permanently eliminate Lt Colonel Charles Randrianasoavina. This trial is openly violating the roadmap supposed to be held as the single law in Madagascar. The verdicts are reflecting how independent justice in this country really is. The court presents itself as a political instrument in the ruling power’s hands. The Union of Magistrates doesn’t want to be blamed for it and challenges the Minister, but why now? [See]

27/06/2011 | 23:35:54
June 26th, 2011, the elected mayor of Antananarivo is leading the military parade as presumed armed forces´ chief. Andry Rajoelina´s legality is actually hanging by a thread, merely a constitution voted set to measure and voted at the eleventh hour is granting his grip on power. And yet, the one empowered by the street and by the army is holding himself as an elected figure, and pushing up to comparing himself to a certain Jesus Christ. [See]

17/04/2011 | 14:34:13
The HAT was apparently more than angered by the American diplomacy ´s report in 2010. The authority imposed to Madagascar was blamed for its poor human rights record and presented as what it really is " a non elected and illegal régime ". The HAT swiftly replied by boasting and parading its own little international recognition. [See]

08/04/2011 | 19:39:52
Until a real political consensus comes up, the HAT is fueling its propaganda for unilaterally casted election expected to be nationally and internationally accepted. Support from international partners is however much more expected than the three spheres´ collaboration into granting legitimacy to the electoral commission. The international recognition remains a goal before or after elections. [See]

05/04/2011 | 16:11:40
The SEFAFI from the civil society´s coalitions claiming the mediating role though being suspected of collaboration either with the ruling authority or with the other spheres. The observatory circle of national life favored the HAT and longs for the elections with or without political agreement and the hell with the SADC´s blessing. [See]

06/03/2011 | 12:49:28
Makeshift exploding devices are recovering the front stage. The armoured vehicle with the dictatorial leader on board is being targeted by a bomb attempt. The damages are irrelevant, but deemed to be turned into a political milestone. The explosive charges were enough to damage the car´s paint. The attempt is being claimed by the HAT, its supporters and no one else, so whom is it supposed to favour ? [See]

27/02/2011 | 15:52:29
Since Leonardo Simao is pledging an Andry Rajoelina willing to lead the country in a self made republic, the dictating authorities are holding the end of tunnel as close. The international recognition is within reach. The SADC led mediation, so far uncompromising stand putsches or other unconstitutional leading power change, would have operated a U-turn justified by the evolution of the national and international political balance. [See]

08/02/2011 | 18:14:17
The case February 07th is the core of a propaganda debate. For being accused and pointed at by former president Zafy, the empowered " putsch makers" retaliated by repeated replies on the public and private TV channels devoted to the HAT, recallig the supposedly true version of a painful event which is far from settled. [See]


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