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  Monday, 22th december 2014  
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16/06/2010 | 10:21:46
The HAT environment ministry is organizing a couple of days long information session in order to sensitize the audience and the operators over the green area laws and the precious wood traffic. Until the capitalization of general Raveloharison's capitalization of his extolled full commitment, the ecological balance sheet is remaining extremely poor. The Voahary Gasy alliance is denouncing and working out on the way to take the Rhodes oil plant issue into court. [See]

30/03/2010 | 05:20:48
The mobilization is global, it might be the reason for which the Earth Hour largely failed to mobilize Antananarivo city. In the evening of Saturday March 27th, 2010, the inhabitants of Madagascar's capital city were supposed to join a global ecological gesture and turn lights off during one hour. Despite the lack of popular wave of support, restaurants and other leisure places obliged. [See]

11/03/2010 | 15:43:32
Financial backers having invested cash in the protection of the environment in Madagascar might take some measures and even sanctions in response to the outbreak of primary forests and protected areas depredations. They were anxious make an idea of its extents by themselves. The report is awful for the transitional government, guilty of opening Pandora's box by an interdepartmental decree pledging exceptional legality to precious wood exports. [See]

16/02/2010 | 17:42:55
The Voahary Gasy alliance is impatiently expecting for the State Council's opinion in order to confront the government in the forest resources' legalized depredations case. The interdepartmental decree pledging legality to precious wood exports definitely gave a significant boost to smugglers. The environmental protection associations are militating for a good governance of the forest resources, and namely for a more accurate restoration of the forest. [See]

18/01/2010 | 16:28:40
For having been criticized due to the Rhodes oil plant export file, the environment minister tried to lighten the pressure. General Calixte Randriamiandrisoa is putting a simple impairment forth that leads to no new agreement. Stocks previously proved legal but so far retained at the harbor will be released. [See]

19/11/2009 | 19:22:45
Following a mitigated attempt to cooperate with the former transitional regime, the Voahary Gasy alliance of ecologist associations and groups operating in environmental protection projects in Madagascar is having a ruder tone. The Alliance lodged a complaint against the State to denounce the exceptional resumption raw and half processed precious wood export. [See]

10/11/2009 | 08:30:43
November 4th, 2009, the United States' House of representatives voted a resolution firmly condemning the illegal exploitation of natural resources in Madagascar as well as its impact on biodiversity. [See]

22/11/2002 | 12:43:47
After tropical storm Boura?s winds reached an alarming 40MPH, the inhabitants of the Eastern Coast of Madagascar have been watching her for the past few days, fearing the worst. Today, however, with wind gusts of about 20 MPH, she has considerably weakened, and will soon clear the Northern part of the Island. [See]

The year 2002, which is Mountain International Year, broadcasts the following message: " Keep you away and treat me carefully". This is why we will look into the Malagasy "Lavaka". [See]


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