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  Friday, 19th december 2014  
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29/05/2012 | 16:09:51
Fidele Razara Pierre, Free Fm radio channel’s reporter, called upon a massive demonstration to concentrate over the Place of May 13th on June 2nd. The denied access to the Place of Democracy located in Ambohijatovo happens to be a good enough incentive to recover the Place of May 13th, on which three presidents' successive rules were brought down as a result of street demonstrations. [See]

24/05/2012 | 11:07:15
The High Authority of Transition supportive armed forces had the opportunity to save some of their tear gas on Wednesday. Demonstrators went down to the capital city’s streets again in order to enter the Place of Democracy. The transitional ruling power held their watchdogs back and rather sent this time around a gang of young junkies throw stones at the demonstrators. Panic and chaos swiftly overcame Antananarivo’s central part. [See]

23/05/2012 | 13:59:41
The pending collapse threatening the country has drawn a handful of retired generals to react. The latest of their rare declarations recalled the Malagasy armed forces’ duty. The message is being directed at the current military top command. This action happened to be inspired to the retired generals by the recent military led repression of public and peaceful demonstrations into the capital city as well as by the poor military performance on air. [See]

22/05/2012 | 16:24:18
Andry Rajoelina, self proclaimed transitional leader, emphatically pushes for presidential elections held as the Malagasy political crisis’ settlement key. He recently had the occasion to meet the United Nations’ Secretary General. A meeting with the president of the SADC is coming next. Rajoelina produced quite a disappointing speech on Mai 22nd when merely defending his will to tackle his elections as soon as possible. [See]

16/05/2012 | 18:37:20
Some fifty different factions came together into the newly founded VHFTV political cluster, and jointly require a new 18 months long transition at the most. The cluster is being managed by the Movement of Clerical Leaders (HMF) firmly opposed to the High Authority of Transition for the latest couple of years. [See]

14/05/2012 | 17:00:43
Common ground between the ruling power and the SEMPAMA (the union of public school teachers) seems to be gradually eluding. The union let it be known, that the strike does not end. Manoro Regis, the education minister, recalled that the scheduled official exams would not suffer any change. [See]

13/05/2012 | 17:27:55
Various street demonstrations were recently expected to take place. The political movement of former president, Marc Ravalomanana, scheduled a meeting on May 12th over the Place of Democracy in Ambohijatovo. The "forbidden" area keeps on being locked and guarded by the military forces openly supportive of the High Authority of Transition. Unwilling to face up to pending clashes, the movement’s leaders present made towards the Magro square, in which demonstrations have been held daily during the latest three years. The decision apparently pissed some supporters off, as they were definitely bound to deal with the security forces the hard way. [See]

13/05/2012 | 17:10:29
The union of urban transportation companies has keeping on calling upon conditions to be improved, during the latest months. The frequent fuel price rises have actually been gradually blowing these companies’ profits. [See]

08/05/2012 | 12:37:10
Various areas’ trade unions have been stating claims rather loud during the latest months. The union of public school teachers is the latest ones to be firmly requiring higher wages. During the latest weeks, the public education system has been paralyzed and even pupils went down to the street and protested against the suspension of all courses. Police forces replied with tear gaz. [See]

01/05/2012 | 12:13:42
As a result to April 28th’s latest clashes between former president Marc Ravalomanana’s supporters and police forces supportive of the High Authority of Transition, the former president finally realized how impossible coexistence into this current political transition actually is. In the run of a phone line call addressed to his supporters gathered inside the Magro square, the former president “summoned” his collaborators to suspend the political sphere’s involvement into the transitional institutions. Back to mutual corners, we are now in for the challenge. Andry Rajoelina’s TGV party is just as so eager to remove the rival sphere’s Mamy Rakotoarivelo from the transitional congress’s presidency. So be it, the crisis settlement roadmap is definitely dead. Only an elusive political miracle would bring any more change to this matter of fact [See]


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