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  Friday, 19th december 2014  
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08/06/2012 | 19:00:58
As a reaction to three years of countrywide troubles, the FFKM is about to take over the mediation role for the sake of reaching any settlement to the Malagasy political crisis. Madagascarís four main churchesí leaders invited the main decision makers in this political tournament to recover the negotiation table again. [See]

06/06/2012 | 11:31:47
Some groups of parliamentarians led by Cyrille Rasambozafyís ESCOPOL do require the current government to be reshuffled before June, 26th. These black sheep of the parliamentarian family are holding the settlement Malagasy political crisis as beyond the abilities of the government currently led by Prime Minister Omer Beriziky. [See]

05/06/2012 | 12:06:05
Another brick in the growing wall: Prison wardens and their staffs are lining their stand up to the current string of claims for better conditions. Their original trade mark: the ruling power is being granted a 72 hours long deadline in order to comply. Jail guards are, technically speaking, not allowed to tackle strikes. They did though. Could the ruling power dare the odds and challenge them, their reaction would be fully unpredictable. [See]

04/06/2012 | 09:31:47
Entering the Place of Democracy is definitely forbidden. The political debate is consequently recovering the street. On June 2nd, the public Place of May 13th, in Analakely, massively welcomed demonstrators increasingly disappointed by the transitional power. Freedom of speech as well as the end of the three years long burdening transitional rule happened to be the main claims. The demonstrationís leader addressed for the first time ever a potential general strike, and trade unions are getting ready to follow. [See]

04/06/2012 | 09:18:20
After three years of political breakdown in Madagascar, the SADC recommends the renewal of talks between the main political wire pullers in this crisis, namely former president Marc Ravalomanana, casted out in exile in South Africa since the year 2009ís putsch, and Andry Rajoelina, the putsch maker and current leader of the transitional ruling power. Nothing is a done deal yet. The decision was expressed as an outcome of the SADCís extraordinary summit held in Luanda, Angola on June 1st. [See]

30/05/2012 | 10:34:32
The Clerical Leadersí Movement (local HMF), mainly founded by protestant parsons, recently renewed in a statement its support to all Malagasy nationals currently militating for more freedom and more justice in the Great Isle. Good day for the various demonstrations namely claiming freedom of speech, isn't it? [See]

29/05/2012 | 16:09:51
Fidele Razara Pierre, Free Fm radio channelís reporter, called upon a massive demonstration to concentrate over the Place of May 13th on June 2nd. The denied access to the Place of Democracy located in Ambohijatovo happens to be a good enough incentive to recover the Place of May 13th, on which three presidents' successive rules were brought down as a result of street demonstrations. [See]

24/05/2012 | 11:07:15
The High Authority of Transition supportive armed forces had the opportunity to save some of their tear gas on Wednesday. Demonstrators went down to the capital cityís streets again in order to enter the Place of Democracy. The transitional ruling power held their watchdogs back and rather sent this time around a gang of young junkies throw stones at the demonstrators. Panic and chaos swiftly overcame Antananarivoís central part. [See]

23/05/2012 | 13:59:41
The pending collapse threatening the country has drawn a handful of retired generals to react. The latest of their rare declarations recalled the Malagasy armed forcesí duty. The message is being directed at the current military top command. This action happened to be inspired to the retired generals by the recent military led repression of public and peaceful demonstrations into the capital city as well as by the poor military performance on air. [See]

22/05/2012 | 16:24:18
Andry Rajoelina, self proclaimed transitional leader, emphatically pushes for presidential elections held as the Malagasy political crisisí settlement key. He recently had the occasion to meet the United Nationsí Secretary General. A meeting with the president of the SADC is coming next. Rajoelina produced quite a disappointing speech on Mai 22nd when merely defending his will to tackle his elections as soon as possible. [See]


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