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  Sunday, 21th december 2014  
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07/06/2012 | 16:38:30
The ruling powerís ministry in charge of Communication does not display any evidence of considering either the ongoing wave of protests or the reaction of the Malagasy journalistsí trade union. As a proof, the RADIO FEONíNY TOAMASINA (RFT) radio station broadcasts over the islandís eastern Toamasina harbor city and recently received a warning letter for closely cooperating with the FREE FM radio station which did declare war to the transitional regime. The aforesaid partnership seems to be intensely annoying the ruling power. [See]

01/06/2012 | 10:01:33
A brand new daily newspaper flourishes in Antananarivo. ďLa NationĒ is incidentally quite critical against the High Authority of Transition. The newsgroupís motivation: the struggle against injustice. [See]

21/05/2012 | 10:05:26
One more Saturday spent in trenches in Antananarivo city. A demonstration organized by the Free FM radio station was disrupted by clashes on May 19th. The stationís main reporters are now on the run for being wanted by the police forces. The latest demonstration was aiming at jointly claiming freedom of speech over the Place of Democracy in Ambohijatovo. Due to its assessments broadcasted on a daily basis, and happening to be not to the ruling powerís liking, the Free FM radio station got into the High Authority of Transitionís sight. [See]

15/05/2012 | 12:45:18
The union of Madagascan Reporters called upon the capital cityís professionals to emphasize the unionís claims in the street around the Journalistsí Orderís Monument located on Independence Avenue in Analakely. The union wants all of the radio and television channels censored by the ruling power to be allowed to freely broadcast, and the current minister of communications to step down. [See]

09/05/2012 | 10:38:31
Another judicial trick has been engaged at Antananarivoís court. The SITRAM company is claiming the lot in Ankorondrano on which the FREE FM radio stationís facilities are located. The ultimate target: expelling the radio station. As a matter of fact, the concerned lot still happens to be disputed by the SITRAM company and the former owners, namely the Rahafimahaleo family, which sold the company to Edgar Razafindravahy, Antananarivo cityís special delegation head and the plaintiff currently in a politically motivated dispute with FREE FMís reporter Lalatiana Rakotondrazafy. The radio stationís leadership displayed its surprise caused by a strange coincidence: the judicial issue pops up shortly before May 13th, the stationís first birthday, on which a public demonstration is being planed [See]

03/05/2012 | 17:52:35
What an unconventional world day of press freedom on May, 3rd ! A couple of FREE FM radio stationís reporters were held in custody at the state police station of Betongolo, then released in the afternoon of May, 3rd. Harry Rahajason, the ruling powerís communication minister, alias Rolly Mercia, had rather leave the capital city and attend an official event in the islandís southern city of Toliara. As a consequence to the FREE FM related case, the union of reporters actually leads the offensive in Antananarivo. [See]

02/05/2012 | 17:44:04
Some reporters who met with some policemen are already talking about custody. Since the middle of May 2ndís afternoon, Fidele and Lalatiana, both reporters for the Free FM radio station, are being investigated at police station Betongolo, in response to a complaint lodged by a contractor very closely connected to the presidency of the transition. [See]

19/04/2012 | 08:51:58
Thatís it! Through a warning letter hinting pending threats to close the station, the HATís minister in charge of mastering communications opened fire on the FREE FM radio stationís reporters. FREE FM happens to be a station criticizing the transitional ruling powerís management on a daily basis. This ruling power is now retaliating. [See]

17/04/2012 | 08:24:11
The RTA channel has recently been indirectly getting rid of its animators specialized in entertainment shows. Its new ownerís political ambitions are gradually transforming the whole channelís face. [See]

28/02/2012 | 07:17:28
Bad luck chance for Jean Paul Randrianiaina, former reporter at the catholic radio channel DON BOSCO and at Rajoelinaís VIVA radio channel. Jean Paul Randrianiaina used to be one of the HATís current communication ministerís advisors, Harry Laurent Rahajason. The reporter sent out a spam reporting alleged looting and strife projects throughout Antananarivo, and caused panic in the capital city. He was fired on this account, and now threatened to be charged. [See]


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