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  Friday, 19th december 2014  
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30/06/2012 | 21:24:00
Two weeks and yet nearly nothing in sight. The manhunt after the dahalo militia is seemingly on the verge of failing. Critics are swarming concerning the political and military management of the issue. The government strikes back and strains to save the face whereas the Prime Minister already dropped the towel and let the military command take over. Rabefihavanana Arthur alias Remenabila, public enemy number 1 known as the Remenabila, leads the show on its own a little longer. [See]

22/06/2012 | 22:59:03
During the couple of weeks following the clashes between security forces and "dahalo" squads spreading terror throughout South Amboasary, not a single suspect has been sent behind bars yet. The alleged hostages still remain hostages, villagers are on the run and only the national state policemen and troopers’ dead bodies could be recovered. The ruling power’s management of the escalating violence does not convincingly comfort at all. The HAT and its army are both struggling to gain credibility in this showdown. [See]

13/06/2012 | 23:34:24
Urban insecurity and opposition led politically motivated mass demonstrations in Antananarivo used to be the security forces’ main concerns. They are no more. The Dahalo are gradually establishing their rule of law in the southern part of the island. Why are these bandits, cattle robbers and, now and then, also murderers all of a sudden considered as a pending danger for national security? Being paranoid just like the HAT’s devoted soldiers is one thing; being dealt with by a defiant group of people is everything but the same. Andry Rajoelina took up the challenge and ordered to strike back against the Dahalo. [See]

18/05/2012 | 10:03:18
The SEMPAMA keeps holding on in spite of the offer of MGA 25 billions, university professors do not pledge the 2012 academic year 2012, paramedics begin a strike and merely insure minimum service, doctors do threaten to sanction the transitional authorities’ failure to hold on to its word with a strike, transportation companies are longing for subsidies ... tension hotspots are likely to put the HAT and its regime to the test [See]

05/05/2012 | 21:58:46
After series of repeated calls addressed to the HAT’s leader, the Minister of Education changed his stand, actually operated a U-turn and threatened strikers with a wage suspension and a pending termination of contract. Manoro Regis emphatically ordered teaching to resume in public schools on Monday, May 7th, 2012. The striking teachers responded by displaying their solidarity and standing tall to the ruling power. [See]

26/04/2012 | 21:45:35
The HAT’s leader dismissed the increasingly inconvenient Minister of Water and Forest Management as he busted the rosewood case related scandal. Is the Education Minister the next one standing on the gallow? Rajoelina suspects Manoro Regis of supporting the teachers' strike which brings the educational system to a standstill. During these three years of transitional domination following the year 2009’s putsch, the Malagasy youth has simply been sent out from school. [See]

05/04/2012 | 12:24:24
Hatred, revenge, political crime, a robbery which went wrong, with premeditated murder, assumptions are swarming following the gruesome discovery of General Claude Ramananarivo’s family, former state police commander and a member of a stillborn military board in 2009. [See]

06/03/2012 | 20:51:49
While LaReunion island flared up in protest against its high cost of living, Madagascar is still in the doldrums. Rising fuel prices cannot be avoided, and happen to be on their way to cause widespread inflation. Three years after the promise to divide basic product prices by two, the HAT leaders have a juicy livelihood unlike the 20 million Malagasy consumers. Consumer groups raise their voices while the population demonstrates its ability to swallow blows. [See]

15/02/2012 | 21:00:23
Giovanna, the latest cyclone having paid a visit to Madagascar left at least some 15 casualties and nearly 20,000 victims behind. Houses and cages basically not designed to withstand such winds have significantly been damaged, especially in the eastern side. In Antananarivo, water has destroyed and killed. The country is now leaching its wounds. [See]

12/02/2012 | 10:57:19
Will a revolution of judges ever come true? Does the HAT´s anti-democratic transition happen to be the right time for in depth changes? These are some of the main questions induced by the magistrates´ call for a true independence and for a fourth power´s status. [See]


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