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  Friday, 19th december 2014  
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16/07/2012 | 21:30:16
SADC raised the tone and finally imposed an ultimatum to Rajoelina. He and Ravalomanana must reach an agreement and put an end to the Malagasy political crisis. This can only come true through talks that will have to take place before July 31st. The ultimatum is definitely addressing the leader of the transition more than willing to skirt around this painful showdown, in spite of having given its word [See]

16/07/2012 | 18:53:44
The law draft Nb. 015/2012 concerning the upcoming presidential election was voted by the transitional parliament and "unilaterally" passed by Rajoelina and his allies. It includes some articles supposed to prevent the exiled president Marc Ravalomanana from running the elections, whereas show candidates definitely unable to challenge Rajoelina will simply be hindered by charges amounting to 50 million Ariary. [See]

07/07/2012 | 22:06:22
Back from his latest tour in Europe, Prime Minister Omer Beriziky announced that the European direct financial support dedicated to Madagascar would partly be granted. The concerned support will be granted at the first sign of recovery of constitutional order in Madagascar. [See]

29/06/2012 | 23:19:25
Everything slowly comes forth concerning the meeting between the exiled president Marc Ravalomanana and the transitional leader. The permanent office of the SADC declared that the organization of this meeting between both major wire pullers in this Malagasy crisis would be following its course. France, the IOC and the AU made their availability out the blue though, which became a cause for mistrust related to an alleged attempt to regain control of Madagascar. [See]

25/06/2012 | 22:39:57
When being back home after attending the Rio +20 International Conference, the transitional leader recalled the commitments made in the name of Madagascar in front of an international audience. Politically speaking, he promised to become the example and show evidences of accountability in face of the crisis. The transitional chief of the armed forces carried on with social pledges by promising to get capitulation from dahalo thieves and murderers within two or three days. [See]

14/06/2012 | 16:59:19
La date de la rencontre entre le président en exil Marc Ravalomanana et le chef de la transition Andry Rajoelina crée déjà la discorde avant qu’elle ne soit fixée. Avant ou après le 26 juin, dans quels pays, les deux mouvances ont deux positions opposées ! En tout cas, on revient au point de départ avec la rencontre entre les deux principaux protagonistes de la crise politique à Madagascar. [See]

04/06/2012 | 21:23:02
The SADC is bound to organize face to face talks between the main wire pullers in this Malagasy political crisis in order to settle it down once for all. The idea stemmed from Marc Ravalomanana. Andry Rajoelina, with every single day more and more stranded in the ropes, has no other choice but giving in, complying and accepting to listen and speak with the legal president illegally ousted by his putsch in 2009. The regional organization would entrust the referee’s whistle to Joaquim Chissano, Mozambique’s former president. [See]

31/05/2012 | 22:06:14
The HAT and the Rajoelina political sphere, both continuously dented by the burden of their illegal power, have made a priority out of the organization of hurried presidential elections in 2012. The CENI-T (the local electoral commission) refused to issue any schedule, and made it tactfully clear in order not to irritate quite a tense ruling power, namely by keeping away from ruling this possibility to cast elections in 2012 out. Beatrice Atallah and her staff promised to eventually do what it would take so that preparations take a shorter time than the 8 months estimated by the United Nations’ experts. [See]

20/05/2012 | 19:31:21
Thousands of people demonstrated in the capital city center, longing for freedom of speech and calling upon the Place of Democracy to be reopened, and were entitled to tear gas and rubber bullets as an answer from the HAT’s police forces. While heavily armed masked soldiers were holding the front line, their general Richard Ravalomanana got its legal parade ready, namely the legal defense of a private property, that of Antananarivo’s Urban Commune. [See]

09/05/2012 | 22:33:47
Each and every decision stemming from the ruling power concerning the crisis caused by the teachers' strike was unilateral. The national education minister’s big stick policy fell through, now is the prime minister taking charge with a better proposal to MGA 25 billion and a fewer threats. Will teachers resign themselves with 11% of their claims and stop the strike? [See]


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