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  Wednesday, 17th december 2014  
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30/06/2012 | 22:01:26
As expected, Air Madagascar welcomed on the track of the airport of Ivato its second Airbus A340-300 by the end of June 2012. Officially, the choice for the European aircraft manufacturer has only commercial incentives and nothing to do with politics. The fact that the malagasy airline company is being directed by political and administrative leaders and HAT members, particularly by those from the Ministry of Finance, would be a mere coincidence, wouldn’t it? The transaction remains however a bargain [See]

15/04/2012 | 20:02:47
Are the new Airbus A340 bought by Air Madagascar really an event? The HAT and the airline company wanted it so. Is it really a bargain? Airbus and Air France would not say no. Time will decide, whether this strategy would have paid off, restore the Malagasy airline company’s international reputation and its right to fly over the European Union’s airspace. [See]

28/02/2012 | 21:53:49
Fuel prices are a major economic, social and political stake for every ruling power. For the sake of mastering the pending inflation, the HAT resorted to the short term legal right to restrict fuel consumer price rises in 2011. Now it has come to an end; populism cannot change the economic reality. Price rises are a fatality and omen an imminent social storm! [See]

21/02/2012 | 21:02:06
The letter expected to dismiss Madagascar´s Central Bank´s acting governor triggered a strike from the institution´s employees and nearly caused an unprecedented social crisis. The payment of civil servants´ wages and pensions suffered delays but finally came true, for the treasury department raised the money from its agencies. The HAT´s finance minister keeps on pushing for the dismissal. [See]

18/02/2012 | 21:48:35
The Central Bank happens to be ruled by a very special status, actually an immune system against any political control, namely against that of an unelected totalitarian regime dying for subordinating it to its Finance ministry. The eviction of the governor and the appointment of his short or long term deputy are a Cabinet meeting´s business. The HAT is therefore straining to enforce gates when relying on its finance minister, isn´t it? The acting governor´s mandate coming to an end is being used as a loophole but knows. Nevertheless, the HAT cannot afford to replace him this way. [See]

12/01/2012 | 11:07:38
Andry Rajoelina depitcted his own little self as the transtition´s super heroe when presenting the HAT´s economic and social score sheet Who else could that be on second thought, for the general Vital´s vital mission only came up to do what it takes to keep him on top? The state projects and general politicy were thereupon entirely dictated by the dictating and unwanted presidency. The propaganda´s outstanding dimensions are in no way reflecting the year 2011´s tiny achievements. [See]

26/12/2011 | 21:23:28
The HAT´s economic score sheet in 2011 was catastrophic, considering the boasted outstanding ambitions, the stability, the economic recovery, as well as the promised organization of elections. The economic and social fallbacks of the political putsch are not close to withering yet. [See]

20/09/2011 | 10:33:02

16/08/2011 | 01:32:48
In the SAVA region, especially in Antalaha, the rosewood sector operators are protesting against the HAT´s trick aimed at claiming the business´ monopoly. The confidence crisis is skyrocketing against an unelected ruling power issuing laws its way. So are tensions with a mistrusted authority on its way to turn into an unfair competitor. [See]

09/08/2011 | 23:33:42
In Madagascar as well as in other country supposed to be ruled by rights and laws, trading a position is prohibited. Yet, such a practice labeled worldwide as corruption is turned into an accepted thing in these times of ... employment crisis. Just as the Sri Lankan or Bangladeshi allowed in Jordan´s textile, industry´s factories, many Malagasy will have to pay the price: an amount equal to five months' salaries? [See]


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