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  Tuesday, 23th december 2014  
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09/01/2012 | 07:18:04
Malagasy reporters gathered in the Sainte Famille College facilities in Antananarivo on January 07th, decided to erect their own trade union as a response to the ruling power´s abuses. Rocco Rasoanaivo, from the La Gazette de la Grande Ile newsgroup, was elected as president. The move was basically spurred by various forms of pressure against the press world, namely a warning letter to the TV PLUS channel, a forced call in to the state police station for the editor in chief of the LE COURRIER DE MADAGASCAR newsgroup, a statement from the army hinting threats against reporters and the imposition of an Ethics Commission by the HAT´s minister Harry Rahajason. This trade union is deemed to capitalize the united and organized reaction from Malagasy reporters unable to rely on their paralyzed Order. [See]

20/12/2011 | 10:08:20
Christian Chadefaux is a French journalist who worked in Madagascar for several decades. He was forced out of from the country during Marc Ravalomanana´s time in power. His recent evidence of pragmatism concerning the management of the Transition and the evolution of the Malagasy political crisis unexpectedly created however the stir. Before the meeting between Nicolas Sarkozy and Andry Rajoelina at the Elysée, Christian Chadefaux wrote an open letter... to France. An open letter reported by Antananarivo´s newsgroups, content of which reads: [See]

01/07/2011 | 14:55:38
The capital city´s reporters have from now on a new meeting- and workplace. A new press cente has been inaugurated on June 30th in Antsakaviro, downtown in Antananarivo. [See]

26/10/2010 | 16:26:51
The " journal de l'Economie", a weekly newspaper, will soon become Madagascar's first ever economy specialized publication. The newspaper is emerging in a crisis year and a national economic recession crest [See]

23/09/2010 | 17:18:13
THe Radio Fahazavana radio station belonging to the FJKM Protestant Church was closed by the authorities on Mai 20th. Employees have been arrested, part of them 6 reporters, and jailed. They recently recieved temporary release and are now intending to ask the court to reopen the radio station [See]

07/10/2009 | 15:28:08

07/09/2007 | 16:42:39
Like every year school kits will be distributed to Malagasy primary students especially to those in the public schools. [See]

19/04/2007 | 16:01:16
Farmers in the southeast of the Great Island are having an opportunity to learn more about fish farming. [See]

14/03/2007 | 09:52:50
The public authorities in collaboration with independant agencies are proposing a plan to assist the homeless of the capital towards social inclusion. [See]

19/05/2006 | 14:44:51
From biological compost heaps to ethanol, new recipes for development appear on the market. Sad prospects for Antsirabe. [See]


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