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  Thursday, 18th december 2014  
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20/07/2012 | 16:58:20
They confirmed it in the Magro square, in which the former president’s supporters gather nearly on a daily basis. The main wire pullers in this political crisis are going to meet next week in the Seychelles, on Tuesday, July 24th. [See]

19/07/2012 | 20:28:05
The former Malagasy president would be trialed in South Africa in the case of February 7th. Merely a way to deflect the attention according to the Ravalomanana sphere’s Benja Andriamihanta. [See]

18/07/2012 | 19:08:45
War seems definitely declared between the unions of Malagasy civil servants and leaders of the Transition. The unions’ wrath was caused by the Andry Rajoelina’s threat to suspend the striking workers’ wages and, if need be, to fire them. [See]

17/07/2012 | 14:43:24
The leader of the transition, Andry Rajoelina, no longer makes a secret of his anger towards the striking civil servants. The threat of depriving them from wages did not work as expected; stubborn workers are now threatened of being fired once for all [See]

16/07/2012 | 18:34:40
The contingent sent to hunt down the ringleader Remenabila through the southern part of Madagascar did manage to get hold of the man who attacked and murdered dozens of police forces. The military operation has yet caused collateral damage. [See]

13/07/2012 | 08:59:48
Leaders of the ongoing strikes are considered like criminals by the High Authority of Transition, as a matter of fact. Union leaders are actually being ordered to join the police station and charged with crime against state security. These are leaders in the trade unions of practitioners and paramedics. These unions have been striking for a short while so far. [See]

13/07/2012 | 08:47:59
The Presidency of the High Authority of Transition boils up. The Homeland Security’s boss, superintendent Charly Nakany, was sacked and replaced by his deputy, the superintendent Harison Olivier. This department serving the controversial presidency served as political police, duty of which was the protection of Andry Rajoelina and his senior staff. [See]

10/07/2012 | 12:38:54
The various strikes triggered by various trade unions do intensely annoy the transitional power. Union leaders declared that they would have got entitled to death threats along the latest days. [See]

09/07/2012 | 17:38:58
Civil servants’ unions and their ministerial crisis time cell are firmly intending to launch a general strike on July 11th. On this very day, a leader of the paramedics’ union is equally supposed to be trialed. Valerien Rakotonandrasana was arrested by the police forces one week earlier, held in custody and then temporarily released. [See]

06/07/2012 | 15:16:39
Some political groups and some foreign diplomats do suggest a presidential race without Ravalomanana and without Rajoelina as the solution to the Malagasy crisis. Professor Raymond Ranjeva thinks different. As far as he is concerned, both decision makers must be forced to run the upcoming presidential election and let the nation decide. The former juge of the international court of the Hague compares the current political conflict in Madagascar to a football match. Raymond Ranjeva believes that the time to proceed with penalty kick out has come. [See]


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