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  Monday, 22th december 2014  
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03/08/2012 | 15:26:20
In the run of a religious ceremony held at the military chapel of Ampahibe, in Antananarivo, the MFM party celebrated its foundation’s fortieth anniversary. Forty years after the year 1972’s popular movement, Manandafy & Co. are still in the race. The MFM is currently part of the Marc Ravalomanana political sphere. The party has been opposing since early 2009 the young putsch maker Rajoelina, and was rewarded by the ruling power with the arrest of its leader in the same year and detention in Mantasoa. [See]

01/08/2012 | 15:24:31
For the sake of avoiding the international community’s criticisms, the Independent National Electoral Commission has held the UN experts’ advices in account. The Malagasy elections would take place in 2013. The presidential election’s first round is supposed to be taking place on May 8th, 2013. The second round, together with the legislative elections would be held on July 3rd. Local communal elections will follow suit on Oct. 23rd, 2013. So did the CENI decide after three days spent addressing the issue in the outskirts of the Madagascan capital city. The calendar remains however quite theoretical as long as the main disputing parties in the Malagasy political crisis do not reach anything like a deal. [See]

31/07/2012 | 12:55:19
The manhunt after gang leader Remenabila is not over in the southern part of Madagascar. At least seven villages were burnt to the ground in the run of the violent military operation but the wanted man can’t be found. Earlier this week, another state policeman was shot dead by dahalo, and lootings and cattle collection have no end any more… countrywide. [See]

30/07/2012 | 16:21:36
Comments on the incident when returning missed Lalao Ravalomanana in Madagascar do keep on feeding speculations. As well, the political class keeps on commenting about the on going negotiation process between the former president, Marc Ravalomanana, and the current head of the transition, Andry Rajoelina. Rajoelina must leave his throne once for all if negotiations ever fail, declared Guy Maxime Ralaiseheno, transitional congressman and member of the Ravalomanana sphere. [See]

27/07/2012 | 17:46:14
The former first lady reached the airport of Ivato together with Gergana Ravalomanana, Josoa Ravalomanana’s wife. Both ladies have been immediately driven away by police officers devoted to the transitional regime on no account. They were entitled to the first available flight to Bangkok. Lalao Ravalonanana merely got a handful of minutes to small talks with figures from the Ravalomanana political sphere. [See]

27/07/2012 | 09:01:58
Ten villages have been burnt down in the South of Madagascar in the run of the military operation targeting the outlaw Remenabila. The majority of these villages were set alight by the armed forces for being suspecting of supporting the insurgency. When the green machine pulled back, the affected villagers retaliated by burning other villages serving the army as bases, for the sake of giving a piece of their mind. [See]

26/07/2012 | 11:13:08
Marc Ravalomanana and Andry Rajoelina have both left the Seychelles, on which the SADC organized head to head talks. Negotiations related to the implementation of the roadmap came to an end and obviously proved nearly impossible, for common ground between both main leaders in the Malagasy crisis used to be nonsense from scratch. James Michel, the islands’ President and the meeting’s host brilliantly contributed to this attempt to reconcile both adversaries. Jacob Zuma, President of South Africa, equally travelled to the Seychelles in order to provide his “support” to the process, according to his own say in a message over Twitter [See]

25/07/2012 | 10:46:59
Political observers have been noticing an unusual complacency between Andry Rajoelina’s clique and Marius Fransman, South African vice minister and the current SADC mediator, during the latest months. He has recently joined the Seychelles to mediate talks between the main wire pullers in this Malagasy political crisis, to the Rajoelina supportive newsgroups’ unexpected liking. All the other ones merely reported the fact quite neutrally. A mere coincidence? [See]

24/07/2012 | 15:00:14
The Malagasy armed forces carefully keeps on keeping details secret concerning the corporal Kotomainty’s death circumstances. He, who lead a paratroopers’ uprising attempt and entrenched himself inside his own captured base camp on July, 22nd, would have been executed when entering the military hospital’s emergency department, according to independent sources. The army itself did not confirm the information, did however not emphatically deny it either. Reporters having attended the scene witnessed a Corporal Black being taken away, wounded but quite alive. He could logically not have fallen earlier during the shootout. His death was however announced by army officials on the national TV channel waves as a direct result of Sunday’s clashes. Further details are definitely not revealed by the armed forces. [See]

20/07/2012 | 16:58:20
They confirmed it in the Magro square, in which the former president’s supporters gather nearly on a daily basis. The main wire pullers in this political crisis are going to meet next week in the Seychelles, on Tuesday, July 24th. [See]


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