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  Saturday, 20th december 2014  
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02/08/2012 | 11:51:06
A department dedicated to hotel business will soon be granted to the University of Toamasina, in Madagascar’s eastern region. The partnership deal was freshly signed to this end between the National Institute for Tourism and Catering International Services. The project is aiming first and foremost at enhancing professional skills and services in the island’s eastern part, which host coastal regions and beaches happening to be the closest to Antananarivo, the capital city. Madagascar’s eastern coast operates like a magnet for quite a few foreigners and thousands of local tourists every year, particularly during school holiday time, namely from July to September [See]

15/06/2012 | 10:18:28
The German-Malagasy Center’s Jazz Club organizes on Sunday, June 17th quite a special show The staircase of Antaninarenina happens to be located at the heart of the capital city, and will serve as concert place for the second edition of the JAZZ TOTOHABATO (translated as Jazz over the stairs). [See]

13/06/2012 | 11:40:01
In the run of the International Tourism Fair’s third conference on tourism hosted by the Carlton Hotel in Antananarivo, the role played by regional and local authorities into the development of tourism was addressed. Several communes together with their partners actually tackled projects and dared investments for the sake of boosting tourism. These investments are expected to create many more job providers within Madagascan village communities. [See]

25/05/2012 | 10:33:29
The band is completely unknown in Madagascar. It will although be entitled to praise the island’s unique fauna and vegetation. Wiffenpoofs is a US-american band made of 14 singers from the University of Yale, and won the casting showdown. The band’s first concert is deemed to take place on July 14th in Ranomafana as part of the sensitization campaign related to the conservation of the Great Isle’s natural wealth. Ranomafana is actually a central southern national park and a sanctuary for scores of the island’s endemic species. [See]

28/03/2012 | 11:45:27
One of the capital city’s district is being named Ambondrona. So is a rock band famed across Antananarivo. Boys band Ambondrona is in for a new adventure. It is planning to recover the stage at the Valbio research center in the heart of Ranomafana National Park on April 21st, as a good way to raise the interest for this often poorly known natural wealth. [See]

30/01/2012 | 17:26:10
After a three years long agony. A professional show will be taking place from May, 30th up to June, 2nd in order to relaunch recovery [See]

03/10/2011 | 17:04:43
Series of tourist reports concerning Madagascar is to be broadcasted in Italy by the beginning of 2012. The show is likely to draw more Italians to the Great Isle. It will focus on seven young ladies´ adventures throughout the Great Isle´s marvels, like the whales, the baobabs, the Tsingy and the white sandy beaches. The touristic branch is expecting substantial profits from the Donnaventura concept in 2012 [See]

20/06/2011 | 18:08:38
In a long statement, the professional group gathered within Madagascar´s national office of Tourism makes no secret of its concerns in face of the Air Madagascar airline company´s difficulties of these latest months. [See]

27/05/2011 | 08:30:28
Tourism professionals and local authorities jointly decided to found an investigation squad against sexual tourism in Nosy Be [See]

13/04/2011 | 16:56:32
The place called Soatanàna is a cause for a certain interest. "Soatanàna: cultural destination" is the title of researches led by the interdisciplinary Department and the letters department´s professional training in the university of Antananarivo. The researches were brilliantly presented by Razaka Oliva on April 13th. [See]


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