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  Sunday, 21th december 2014  
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14/10/2010 | 06:37:28
District of Vavatenina, 4 days of celebrations! The 9th edition of the Festival Jerijery is going to take place from October 2010, 28th to 31st. [See]

22/09/2010 | 12:44:02
The decentralized Angaredona festival is launching its second edition in Toamasina [See]

05/09/2010 | 14:30:19
They are believed to be as eternal as their songs, they were impatiently expected at their 40th birthday’s celebration. The Mahaleo band has lost one of its owns, the band’s elder and spiritual leader. Raosolosolofo Razafindranoa, famed as Raoul, left the stage for one last time. The poet and minnesang passed away aged 59 on September 03rd 2010 in Toamasina. [See]

27/05/2010 | 20:45:04
The former artist and DJ Andry Rajoelina has made a lot of friends among the artists. The young leader of the authoritarian regime is going to achieve one of his electoral promises back to the municipal election days by officially launching a gigantic entirely state financed amphitheater construction project in Antsonjobe. The artists' reaction is being shared between joy and embarrassment mostly caused by the expectation to make a spectacle on a so wide area. [See]

27/04/2010 | 15:27:13
At the time of the intellectual property's international day celebration, the HAT minister in charge of the economy, Fienena Richard, recognized the judicial failure to deal with forgery. Police forces' actions have not been deterring copyrights' predators significantly enough. Piracy is, however, more than significantly denting the artistic world. [See]

18/04/2010 | 08:19:58
Malagasy Cinema was at the center of the 5th National Short Film Show organized by the cultural center of...France. As an outcome of 9 days of challenge, the jury decided to reward Sitraka Randriamahaly with the winner's golden Zebu. The panel presented by all of the 9 movies failed from impressing much, but the observed progress would be an evidence of a great potential. [See]

29/03/2010 | 11:41:56
Flags are low for the artistic world as well as for the natives of Tulear. The singer and musician Médicis has been cowardly murdered by robbers in the district of Akorondrano. The artist has been earning his reputation on stage and throughout studios with his accordion. His skill and his instrument have pioneered a particular to the Tsapiky, the jerking sound of the country's south. [See]

17/03/2010 | 08:21:42
A recent double celebration of the Malagasy traditional new year's eve, in accordance with the ancestral lunar calendar, has nearly raised a forgotten tradition back from oblivion. Associations caring for the perpetuation of those royal era costums have had to complete long researches to this end. Mamelomaso in Andohalo, Trano Kolotoraly Malagasy in Ambohimanga, celebrations have rejoiced scores of hearts and minds below the eternal blue sky. [See]

12/03/2010 | 14:05:58
He must certainly be on top of the moment's new wave. Princio, the singer of lyrics stained with more humour and some clouds of wisdom than provocation, has reached the upper level. His second album "Paradisa" is a consecration for the Malagasy variety's rising star. The artist describes his fantasy universe with simple and tenacious texts, on a background of what is now labelled as good rhythm. [See]

Most Tananarivians ignore, or sometimes, look down on the beauty and cultural value of their City. "Antananarivo unveiled - 2002", dedicated to these jaded inhabitants, is designed to revitalize urban tourism. [See]


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