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  Monday, 22th december 2014  
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23/08/2012 | 20:25:56
The technical staff sent by the Confederation of Christian Churches in Madagascar (locally called FFKM) keeps on working its mediation process out for the sake of contributing to put an end to the Malagasy political crisis. The FFKM got into contact with the SADC’s office in Madagascar to this end. The regional organization is in for supporting the incoming FFKM led mediation. But now that Parson Lala Rasendrahasina and Marc Ravalomanana legally recovered their previous positions on top of the FJKM, this mediation process might be more complicated than basically expected. [See]

22/08/2012 | 21:22:50
The Ravalomanana political sphere is back into the transitional institutions again. The decision came from its leader in reaction to the progress noticed at the Summit of the SADC’s Troika held in Maputo. In spite of Andry Rajoelina’s triumphal claims about being the single one to decide of who will run the elections or not, the exiled president Marc Ravalomanana remains confident about the outcome of the mediation and about the crisis settlement process. His return back home and his candidacy at the next election are underway. [See]

20/08/2012 | 11:55:52
The statement produced by the SADC on August 17th, 2012 as an outcome of the Troika’s summit held in Maputo did not meet the expectations. The situation would however be different, according to Andry Rajoelina’s reports, the transitional leader. Elections will be the solution. But loads of issues will have to be settled prior to that. Not the least of them all are Marc Ravalomanana’s safe recovery of home soil and his candidacy. [See]

09/08/2012 | 21:17:16
It’s a disaster. The second round of talks held between Marc Ravalomanana and Andry Rajoelina did not lay any resolution, let alone a solution to the Malagasy political crisis. A deal between the main opposing wire pullers in this political dispute is just as possible as a deal between heaven and hell. They can’t agree on the former president’s political fate. Andry Rajoelina has no choice any more. He will rely on the local electoral commission’s calendar and move forward, unilaterally if need be, whatever it would cost the nation. [See]

02/08/2012 | 21:20:46
Ideal conditions might not be pledged at all, but the deadline is at least expected to be met. The local transitional electoral commission, the CENIT, provided one date, and not a shadow of certitude, for everything is up to the eluding political deal between the main bosses in this crisis. Madagascans “would eventually” cast votes on May, 8th 2013, “potentially” elect a president, and equally address legislative elections at the same, as a second to none event, unless a “first round dia vita” decides about victory. [See]

30/07/2012 | 14:32:51
In his speech which denounced the ruling power’s abuses, its violation of human rights and the illegal use of violence against his wife and his daughter in law, President Marc Ravalomanana equally recalled how pressing the need to find a political solution to the Malagasy crisis remains, and finally renewed his confidence into the SADC’s mediation and arbitration. After having denounced the blockade caused by transitional ruling power’s violation of the roadmap, the former president finally evoked a potential amendment. [See]

22/07/2012 | 22:34:04
The mutiny in Ivato did not develop long enough to lead to any successful putsch attempt. Clashes took place inside the intervention forces’ base camp, and caused casualties to the rebel as well as to the government forces, on Sunday, July 22nd, 2012. The order was restored in the evening. Four victims were recorded. [See]

16/07/2012 | 21:30:16
SADC raised the tone and finally imposed an ultimatum to Rajoelina. He and Ravalomanana must reach an agreement and put an end to the Malagasy political crisis. This can only come true through talks that will have to take place before July 31st. The ultimatum is definitely addressing the leader of the transition more than willing to skirt around this painful showdown, in spite of having given its word [See]

16/07/2012 | 18:53:44
The law draft Nb. 015/2012 concerning the upcoming presidential election was voted by the transitional parliament and "unilaterally" passed by Rajoelina and his allies. It includes some articles supposed to prevent the exiled president Marc Ravalomanana from running the elections, whereas show candidates definitely unable to challenge Rajoelina will simply be hindered by charges amounting to 50 million Ariary. [See]

07/07/2012 | 22:06:22
Back from his latest tour in Europe, Prime Minister Omer Beriziky announced that the European direct financial support dedicated to Madagascar would partly be granted. The concerned support will be granted at the first sign of recovery of constitutional order in Madagascar. [See]


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