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  Monday, 22th december 2014  
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22/01/2013 | 09:26:10
The TGV, the artist, the DJ is back, and will be back again in 2018. Rajoelina made a show of the announcement in Toamasina city of his presidential candidacy five years from now, while emphasizing an alleged self sacrifice consented by his good natured heart in spite of the pending easy one round victory in 2013. The head of the transition carried on with his propaganda campaign through populist speeches and parties with the youth. [See]

16/01/2013 | 06:00:47
It was half a surprise, and a full one for his openly greedy supporters and political allies: Rajoelina’s latest show time was the quite emotionally cast announcement of his pull out of the presidential race supposed to take place in 2013. To save face, the young would be president who claimed the country’s leadership two years ago, decorated his speech with the good old national sovereignty again. On which account addressing such a value? Hard to explain. He has been undisputedly ruling his dictatorship without being elected, using tricks to extend his illegal mandate beyond transitional standards, playing a deaf ear to the international community for nearly two years. He is widely found wanting and yet, claims to be worthy of representing national sovereignty [See]

24/12/2012 | 17:14:14
This year’s economic growth and bleak balance sheet proved worse than last year’s. It doesn’t matter much. Andry Rajoelina highlights his spectacular achievement in a quick look back in order to serve his personal and exclusive campaign for the presidential election. This handful of sparkles supposed to cover the widespread darkness is being financially supported by assets, origins of which remain a mystery to Prime Minister Berizky himself. For the first time, an unelected leader is allowed to decide on his own about State assets, and have an undisputed say concerning national expenditures. The few public investments vastly more served propaganda purposes rather than any public spirited program. [See]

24/12/2012 | 17:12:28
No, he will not be France’s candidate and may no longer parade as its official minion. He is openly dejected by the United States of America and the SADC attempts to push him to the door. Will Andry Rajoelina curry favor with this certain number of BRIC States, interests of which have been all of a sudden awoken in Madagascar? On the national level, only political groups so far lacking elected figures took advantage from the transition and fiercely defended their putsch making savior in the name of national sovereignty. The question remains unanswered in 2012. Maybe he has the wanted answer in his mind. [See]

16/12/2012 | 15:45:24
Bragging, defiance, little "declarations of war" ... the HAT leader’s string of reactions caused by the SADC’s Troika’s meeting’s outcome announced on December, 8th, 2012, is increasingly growing in radicalism. Andry Rajoelina has actually put his money on a massive, personal, exclusive and foregone propaganda in order to mock the regional organization ever attempted to support Marc Ravalomanana and his will to come back home in quality of presidential candidate. Things are now different, since the Tanzanian President Kikwete surprisingly convinced the exiled Malagasy president to give up his candidacy. Stunned by this latest and unexpected development, the year 2009’s putsch maker finds so far nothing better than hardening his stand in order to try to keep in control. [See]

16/12/2012 | 15:43:03
As an outcome of the SADC’s Troika’s meeting held in Dar Es Salaam on December 8th, 2012, the regional organization in charge of the settlement of the Malagasy political crisis has for the first time stood a ground about the couple of main core issues, the frame of the enduring political tension in the country. Marc Ravalomanana is fully entitled to return to Madagascar just as every Malagasy exiled political figure, must get convinced of keeping away from running the next presidential race. His political opponent who lead the militarily supported putsch in 2009, namely the transitional leader Andry Rajoelina, will have to emulate though. [See]

30/11/2012 | 21:52:56
The HAT was keen on preventing any other declared candidate from making any self promoting move in order to clear the runway for Andry Rajoelina, failed however from thwarting the first official meeting held by and for Roland Ratsiraka in Antananarivo. In the run of erecting an Opposition, the former mayor of Toamasina offers real ideas and a decent vision of society front fundamentally different from that of the unelected leader too much willing to cover up his expired term on top of an illegal ruling power, his awful performance with non viable projects publicly and spectacularly launched to this end. [See]

25/11/2012 | 15:23:22
A SADC organization under pressure has the next say in the settlement of the crisis which has been engulfing Madagascar during the latest three years. In its name, the regional organization’s locally based Office reacted at once, although failing again from triggering any significant development in the crisis settlement process. Only one more call upon the leading parties to implement the entire Roadmap the way it is, was launched, and adds up to the list of all of the other shots in the dark. The shy call to order is more specifically and even exclusively directed at the HAT’s ruling power, constantly manipulating the poorly drafted agreement to its own liking in order to serve its own electoral ambition. [See]

14/11/2012 | 06:27:02
Colonel Lylison and generals Radafy and Ravalomanana did not appear properly armed to deny accusations of "genocide" and "violation of human rights" perpetrated by security forces in the run of a guerrilla like war against the Dahalo. "Theories" recovered the front scene at the expenses of facts. These theories actually targeted one single enemy, namely Louisette Raharimalala, former member of the latest legal Parliament, who has just publicly denounced abuses in the south and openly blamed them on the armed forces. [See]

12/11/2012 | 19:11:16
One step forward then one step back and not a single sign of the decisive big jump; the international community’s commitment to support the electoral process in Madagascar with the current political situation is far from a done deal. The official announcement of the United States’ withdrawal was no good omen. Since the basket is struggling to get filled up, the Malagasy ruling counterpart announced its contribution amounting to some $ 30 million, mainly obtained by patching pieces to be collected from the year 2013’s local budget up. [See]


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