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  Friday, 19th december 2014  
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27/12/2012 | 08:28:19
In spite of growing and insistent claim for parity into senior positions in every political institution, Malagasy women still happen to make quite a small minority at the forefront of the national news. The year 2012’s moment of glory undoubtedly belongs to Beatrice Atallah, President of the transitional electoral commission CENIT. In 2012, a certain competition Rakotomavo vs. Rakotomavo developed as well between Lanto Rakotomavo, from the TGV sphere and Hanitra Rakotomavo, from the Ravalomanana sphere. [See]

27/12/2012 | 08:26:37
The transitional leader stepped into Santa Claus’ boots and generously spoiled his friends for the army and the national state police department. 13 promotions to army major general and 18 other promotions to 18 new brigadier generals, it was literally raining stars from the X-mas pine tree. And for the second time in a row, the transitional ruling power's guardian angel, the very precious Richard Ravalomanana, got entitled to the lion’s share from Santa Claus. His case happens to be an evidence of the purely political nature of the appointments. [See]

24/12/2012 | 20:01:03
For lack of any man who clearly and largely towered above the competition by the nature of his outstanding achievement during the year 2012, we have to make do with a chart of ten local figures who topped the headlines more often than the rest of us. The Dahalo Chief Remenabila cannot be part of the show, for crimes and violations of the law can obviously not be glorified as exemplary deeds. The floor belongs therefore to politicians, one trade business man, a member of the civil society, the HAT’s personal robocop, a diplomat, a sportsman and an artist. [See]

25/11/2012 | 15:22:08
The HAT’s ruling power frowns the eyebrows and passionately turns against those daring to point at its deeds. Disregarding the military operation, led in southern part of Madagascar, but stained with arbitrary executions, slaughters and violation of human rights, is not allowed. Amnesty International equally got its share of kick back. In spite of its worldwide reputation, the international organization is being labeled by the HAT a simple political instrument in the hands of the United States, the country that continuously denies recognition to the putsch originated ruling power. And now the SADC called Madagascar’s armed forces to "go easy" too. [See]

14/11/2012 | 06:24:59
The special forces involved into the operation Tandroka recovered Antananarivo after a two months long mission which has not yet led to the arrest of Remenabila. Their comeback does not mean the complete restoration of security yet for the freed villages. Success was in no way complete. State police officers emphatically deny any of the arbitrary executions of suspects, a fact widely blamed on them. Thirty casualties inflicted upon a raiding force made of three hundred guns, is being held as a fair result. [See]

12/11/2012 | 19:27:16
The uncontrolled outbreak of violence from security forces in the war against Dahalo thieves and their families in the South has raised a large and growing wave of criticisms and concerns. Although the voices of citizens, civil society and local politicians standing in defiance of the regime have not been heard, the HAT cannot turn a deaf ear to Amnesty International. On the operation ground, the scorched earth strategy and arbitrary executions might bear any visible success, but still, the main objective is not achieved. War Chief Remenabila is still free. [See]

31/10/2012 | 22:03:55
The HAT would like to silence the students’ growing wrath by dealing with it the hard way. Following a string of clashes between the EMMO REG squad and students in Toamasina, it’s now Antananarivo’s turn to be contaminated. The new CIRGN simply ordered the university’s immunity to be lifted… no, suppressed. Meanwhile the Finance department and the Superior Education ministry blame each other and keep on arguing about the issue’s main core: money. [See]

25/10/2012 | 08:22:55
Courses take place, the daily business goes on, but everything is actually on the brink of collapse. Universities are literally dying down in Madagascar. Who’s to blame for this matter of fact? a powerless ruling power running short of money and good ideas to develop higher education any further; a long lasting crisis deeply affecting professors, administration staff and students. Violence takes over; clashes cause damage and casualties. Although the island’s six universities are on their way down, Andry Rajoelina campaigning for his presidential ambitions already announced the creation of a new university campus in Antsirabe. [See]

25/10/2012 | 06:59:49
Antananarivo enjoyed quite a tense afternoon due to a quite second to none apocalyptic phenomenon .At 17 hours, the night fell like a black veil recovering the city. The wind and rain walked along with this unnatural eclipse spread terror in the streets. People were trying to return home as fast as humanly possible. The phenomenon was predictable, but the population has not been warned [See]

27/09/2012 | 15:57:13
The HAT recently focused on three basically non political events, a couple of them namely organized by the Catholic and Lutheran churches’ youth groups and the third one by the FJKM church. Andry Rajoelina will also have to convince confessions to vote for him and proclaims himself as champion of the Catholics. The opened electoral battle with the Protestant Marc Ravalomanana is not wanted for so much though. His likely challenger in 2013 will be Parson Mailhol, the future winner, according to one of his “prophecies”. [See]


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