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  Tuesday, 23th december 2014  
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04/01/2013 | 20:05:06
The FREE FM radio station was keen on broadcasting its programs anew in January 2013. But another condemnation from the court spoils its plans. [See]

04/12/2012 | 07:53:40
The ANTSIVA radio station has turned 18 years old on December 3rd. Its quite diversified audience took the occasion to congratulate its favorite radio station, which has been long playing, into the country’s political life, a role that can’t be played down. [See]

16/11/2012 | 10:23:20
The charges held against four Malagasy reporters triggered the organization of a meeting at the Press Center on November 16th. Three of the concerned reporters attended it, namely Zo Rakotoseheno from MIDI MADAGASIKARA, Rocco Rasoanivo from LA NATION, and Herivonjy Rajaonah from GAZETIKO. All of them hold the latest swift judicial developments as an attempt to deter reactionary voices from speaking out. [See]

24/08/2012 | 11:52:10
A new group of reporters caught sight of the sunlight in the Malagasy capital city, namely the Union of Malagasy Journalists for Human Rights (local UJMDH). Its general assembly agreed on an official statute and elected Mrs. Matavimana Ravao Georgine, reporter for the Malagasy national TV channel (TVM) as first president of the UJMDH. She is equally Pilaza Joreh, the current general secretary at the transitional communication ministry. The UJMDH expects close cooperation with the other associations pushing for the respect and the defense of human rights in Madagascar. Theodor Ernest, reporter for the ACEEM radio channel, was elected as the new group’s vice president [See]

07/08/2012 | 18:37:09
The FREE FM radio station’s couple of reporters wanted by the ruling power, dead or alive, remains out of reach. They have been hiding for weeks. Their station was shut down by the ruling power in the run of the mutiny attempt led by paratroopers on July 22nd. [See]

24/07/2012 | 15:09:06
The Free Fm radio station has been remaining quiet since Sunday evening, as military forces stormed the main broadcasting antenna’s facilities in Ambohimitsimbina, in the run of the military operation directed against the rebelling paratroopers in Ivato on July 22nd. Free Fm actually broadcasted the rebels’ message, and was consequently suspected of supporting the rebellion. Free Fm’s reporters Lalatiana Rakotondrazafy and Fidele Razara Pierre launched an SOS and described the transitional ruling power’s rule as persecution based. Free Fm has long been sharply criticizing transitional leaders, particularly Andry Rajoelina. No wonder, that the threatened regime did not miss the opportunity to silence the inconvenient channel, could the occasion arise. [See]

04/07/2012 | 12:10:07
The armed forces’ command was certainly not expecting a young female reporter to go down to the southern Madagascan bush and enter the heart of the battlefield, on which a military operation against armed militiamen is taking place. Riana Raymond, the Taratra newspaper’s reporter, was in South Amboasry when an army colonel "promised" her a piece of his mind, could she ever intend to keep on making for Esira and Iabohazo, the wolf’s keep [See]

07/06/2012 | 16:38:30
The ruling power’s ministry in charge of Communication does not display any evidence of considering either the ongoing wave of protests or the reaction of the Malagasy journalists’ trade union. As a proof, the RADIO FEON’NY TOAMASINA (RFT) radio station broadcasts over the island’s eastern Toamasina harbor city and recently received a warning letter for closely cooperating with the FREE FM radio station which did declare war to the transitional regime. The aforesaid partnership seems to be intensely annoying the ruling power. [See]

01/06/2012 | 10:01:33
A brand new daily newspaper flourishes in Antananarivo. “La Nation” is incidentally quite critical against the High Authority of Transition. The newsgroup’s motivation: the struggle against injustice. [See]

21/05/2012 | 10:05:26
One more Saturday spent in trenches in Antananarivo city. A demonstration organized by the Free FM radio station was disrupted by clashes on May 19th. The station’s main reporters are now on the run for being wanted by the police forces. The latest demonstration was aiming at jointly claiming freedom of speech over the Place of Democracy in Ambohijatovo. Due to its assessments broadcasted on a daily basis, and happening to be not to the ruling power’s liking, the Free FM radio station got into the High Authority of Transition’s sight. [See]


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