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  Friday, 19th december 2014  
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25/01/2013 | 09:27:54
Unlike the French, the Americans are rather pushing for the implementation of the crisis settlement Roadmap, namely for the "unconditional" return home right to be granted to every politically exiled. Marc Ravalomanana is supposed to step on home soil before the elections. The Deputy Secretary of State in charge of African Affairs, Johnnie Carson, sent a letter to President Andry Rajoelina to express the stand taken by the United States of America. The recent progress was noticed, and the withdrawal of the main wire pullers in the crisis from the incoming presidential elections, officially welcomed. The letter also declared that the partnership between the two countries will be renewed as soon as Madagascar recovers a truly democratic system. [See]

24/01/2013 | 07:38:24
France’s new ambassador in Madagascar has officially appeared before Andry Rajoelina. Francois Goldblatt met with Pierrot Rajaonarivelo, the transitional foreign minister as a rehearsal shortly earlier and declared that Marc Ravalomanana should not be allowed back home before the elections for the sake of “the appeasement process.” [See]

23/01/2013 | 09:25:53
The transitional leader sent al letter to the Independent National Electoral Commission (CENIT) to ask for the legislative elections to be tackled before the presidential elections. The International Community already firmly opposed the idea, but still, Beatrice Atallah, the CENIT’s president, declared that her department would assess the point. The electoral calendar is expected to be ready and revealed within the next few days, for voters will officially have to be notified before February, 8th. The CENIT conceded that some technical issues do remain unsettled, for example the fact that 10% of all voters have no national identification card. Beatrice Atallah declared that this particular issue would not cause significant trouble to the elections as a whole. The presidential elections’ first round is basically supposed to take place on May, 8th, even if political and technical conditions are for the time being far from suitable to such a process [See]

22/01/2013 | 07:01:30
The head of the Transition, Andry Rajoelina, still keeps on tackling his series of inaugurations. And they are not likely to come to an end so early since the "manara penitra" hospitals are still under construction. Former president Marc Ravalomanana’s supporters are on this account pointing at the transitional leader for launching an early propaganda as a run up for Rajoelina’s TGV party’s more than likely participation in the incoming elections, could these elections ever take place in the current circumstances. [See]

21/01/2013 | 12:54:21
Andry Rajoelina, the transitional leader, opened one new hospital, housing facilities erected as part of the “presidential projects” as well as the restored City Hall building in Toamasina. He decided to meet with the local population, and celebrate as per usual with much much party fun, music and dance. Andry Rajoelina also took the opportunity to announce his candidacy at the year 2018’s presidential elections. The transitional leader has finally given in to the International Community’s pressure and given up the idea of running and winning this year’s presidential race, and emulated his main political rival, former president Marc Ravalomanana [See]

18/01/2013 | 09:57:02
Andry Rajoelina, the transitional leader, wanted the legislative elections to be completed before tackling the presidential election basically supposed to take place in May 2013 in Madagascar. He even announced his intention to alter the electoral calendar when he made pull out of the presidential race public. The International Community does not buy the point. The SADC’s latest officially stated stand emphasized that the electoral calendar is not to be altered any more. The presidential elections’ knock out round will have to come true on May 8th. It’s playoffs and the legislative elections will follow suit in July. The same statement addressed the amnesty to be granted to Marc Ravalomanana and Andry Rajoelina, the main decision makers in the Malagasy political dispute, who both accepted to pull out of the incoming presidential race [See]

16/01/2013 | 10:49:59
Parson Lala Rasendrahasina, the president of the FJKM Reformed Church was raided early at 01:00 a.m. on January, 16th at home in Ambatoroka. Four gunmen tricked the guards and broke into the pastor's house with handguns. They put their grip over some money, four computers, mobile phones and a handful of jewelry before hitting the road. Parson Lala Rasendrahasina declared to reporters that the raiders did neither bother to hide their faces nor make any secret of who commissioned them to launch this operation. Police officers and state policemen joined the scene of the crime afterwards when being alerted. Considering that the parson happens to be dear to the former President Marc Ravalomanana, some observers do hold this attack as nothing but politically motivated. Grievances have been being tense, and even more since Lala Rasendrahasina and Marc Ravalomanana respectively got reelected as president and vice-president of the FJKM reformed church. [See]

15/01/2013 | 12:28:42
The census of Malagasy voters throughout the country is not over yet. The National Electoral Commission declared that 90% of the job is done. But, according to an assessment, national identification cards are missing for one million voters out of eight to ten millions. This does no good to the incoming elections’ credit, since the concerned citizens will not be allowed to vote, even though being legally registered. The ruling power has not enough money to turn the court processes required to provide these potential voters with national identification cards. Less than four months to the potential presidential deadline, the national electoral commission members are aware of the issue, but still the Commission’s president, Beatrice Atallah, does so far not want to hear about any likely postponement [See]

14/01/2013 | 10:01:05
The transitional leader would prefer take his time and mull things carefully over in peace prior to making a decision about his potential presidential candidacy. That is, at least, what he tells to the marines! When returning from the SADC’s Troika’s meeting held in Dar Es Salaam, he argued that addressing the issue with those of his clique will prove necessary to turn out a final decision. Scores of observers do however believe that his clique is very much unlikely to allow Rajoelina’s pull out of the presidential race to happen. So, unless a surprise tips the scales, Andry Rajoelina remains firmly intending to run the presidential race, as displayed by his widespread seduction campaign tackled during the latest months as part of his electoral propaganda. In such a course, his outstanding achievements will have to stand before March 2nd, so that he opens them and show off, for he will have to resign a few days later in order to run the presidential race. [See]

11/01/2013 | 07:24:00
Diplomats in charge in Antananarivo are beginning to react to the speech produced by Andry Rajoelina during the latest ceremony in Iavoloha with quite sharp criticism towards the International Community. A meeting took place at the United Nations’ Development Program’s headquarters in the capital city. Not a single shadow of a leak from this rather swift event could be captured. Meanwhile, the transitional leader was unexpectedly summoned by the SADC to join Dar Es Salaam, where the regional organization equally has its meeting. [See]


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