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  Friday, 25th april 2014  
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04/12/2013 | 06:50:07
The National Electoral Commission and the military command addressed security issues, namely those of the finalists of the upcoming presidential election. They agreed on seeing to it, that Jean Louis Robinson and Hery Rajaonarimampianina remain safe and sound until the end of the currently developing electoral process. 15 bodyguards will be assigned to protect each of the candidates, with their consent. [See]

27/11/2013 | 08:05:35
Time is ripe for planting rice again, yet, the rainfalls seem nowhere near to prove enough in the Alaotra region. Scores of farmers can nothing but expect. [See]

18/11/2013 | 07:10:27
Pierrot Rajaonarivelo's MDM political party is mourning one of its own. One of the pary's candidates commonly known as Ramamibe, basically supposed to run legislative elections in the capital city's First District, has been bluntly gunned down twice in a row in his home while he was in the closet. The police forces are leading the investigation. [See]

13/11/2013 | 07:32:22
The final results of the local presidential election's first round held on October 25th are basically expected to be released on November 20th. As for the electoral judges, they are currently addressing the requests and charges produced and pressed by presidential candidates at the end of the first round. Many results do not agree as a matter of fact. Some observers witnessed various problems during the process, so, an in depth review of reports proves inescapable. [See]

31/10/2013 | 14:19:41
The National Electoral Commission and the transitional government will not reprocess the electoral register anew. As a conclusion to a meeting held by both institutions, the nation would be running short of time and money to afford any alteration of the electoral register, although experts revealed that about 35 % of voters would have been left out of the electoral register [See]

29/10/2013 | 19:27:00
“Reports have been forged.” Transitional congress member Alphonse Maka reported the first ever electoral fraud to have occurred during this electoral process in South Amboasary. Only a handful of days after the first round’s completion, the first case from a most likely long row of fraud denunciation appears. National and international observers did actually not keep an eye on South Amboasary, or on any of the most remote communes of the island. [See]

15/10/2013 | 11:23:31
Marc Ravalomanana’s supporters have massively agreed on supporting presidential candidate Jean Louis Robinson. A huge crowd gathered inside the Coliseum in Antsonjombe and confirmed the trend triggered by the Ravalomanana political sphere. The largest part of the former president’s supporters is definitely bound to walk behind the AVANA party’s champion. Jean Louis Robinson actually announced that, could he become president, he would chose none as prime minister but Lalao Ravalomanana. [See]

03/10/2013 | 10:30:13
As an outcome to the latest Cabinet meeting, Annick Rajaona, so far an advisor to the transitional leader, has been appointed as new ambassador in Geneva, Switzerland. Camille Vital, former transitional prime minister, so far ambassador in Switzerland for a two months long consolation term has been thanked for due services and discharged now that he runs as presidential candidate. [See]

10/09/2013 | 18:20:12
The Justice & Peace catholic association`s secretary general expressed his group`s doubts about the credit to be granted to this year`s elections in Madagascar. Priest Thierry Raharison called upon the ruling power to provide with more explanations. [See]

06/09/2013 | 20:42:32
Antananarivo region´s security forces` leaders vigorously reacted to the discovery of a makeshift explosive device downtown in the capital city. Colonel Florens Rakotomahanina believes the masterminds lurking behind this terror attack to be the same ones who casted the attempts back in 2010, for the devices are told to be patched up the same way. [See]


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