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  Sunday, 21th december 2014  
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17/02/2014 | 09:06:16
Individuals armed with AK-47 type assault rifles led a juicy raid on a Chinese restaurant downtown by the end of the week, and put their grip on some Ar 40 millions. The restaurant's backdoors were actually concealing a secretive illegal casino, in which Chinese nationals were gambling big money. [See]

13/02/2014 | 03:03:51
The insecurity phenomenon does not quit bringing concerns to the population. The five years long traditional rule was a golden age to insecurity, and the new ruling power's advent seems to have not brought any major change to the situation. On February 12th, hold up took place on broad daylight at the ACCES BANQUE agency located in Andavamamba, a hot sector in the capital city. [See]

31/01/2014 | 08:15:47
Municipal elections will take place this year throughout the Malagasy territory. Antananarivo, the capital city, will have a brand new mayor in charge. Its inhabitants are eagerly expecting the first restoration measures to be taken and the deteriorating city, in a general way, to be rescued from its years long decay. [See]

13/01/2014 | 07:16:34
In the northwestern city of Mahajanga, tensions and violence suddenly reached peeks following a students led demonstration. Security forces retaliated the very hard way for uniformed officers shot at the crowd, claiming one fatality and dozens of wounded civilians. [See]

30/11/2013 | 22:42:59
Over more than 150 years, Madagascans have most likely favoring no other money coin but the "Tsangan' Olona." This basically French third republic originated coin survived extinction on foreign soil for having escaped the fate of the piaster divided over and over again, the currency used by the time on the vassalized Great Isle. It took the colonial power a law back in 1916 to put the 5 franks banknotes through. The Tsangan' Olona has ever since been blending with mystical traditions, as a pledge for purety and emancipation in oneself's life. [See]

26/11/2013 | 07:01:41
The season 2013 is over to the four major Spiritual Awakening centers locally called Tobilehibe: Ankaramalaza, Manolotrony, Farihimena and Soatanana. The Toby of Ambohibao, subordinated to the Tobilehibe of Ankaramalaza, brought on Friday, November 22nd the season to a conclusion on the following passage of the scriptures: "I love of an eternal love" Jeremiah, verse 3 chapter 31. [See]

05/11/2013 | 09:52:55
Every year, the first days of November happen to provide with the opportunity to observe the evolution of mindsets, social trends and cultural conception of traditional connections between Madagascans and death, dead and their realms. In contrast to the long widespread mixture of the foreign Toussaint day and the home grown Day of the Dead, Halloween is the new kid in the block, popularity of which only grows downtown. Some of the island's ethnic groups not acquainted with "Famadihana", the typical custom of turning remains over, are reviving old pagan merrymaking traditions based on modern conceptions. [See]

11/10/2013 | 09:45:59
As a matter of fact, 13 suspects related to the slaughter of two European and one Malagasy national which occurred on Nosy Be island, have been transferred to Antananarivo city, where their trial is going to develop. [See]

06/10/2013 | 20:02:37
Nosy Be island has rarely been through any spookier story before. Three individuals suspected of organ trafficking have succumbed to street justice. The mob stormed the state police station in which they were held in custody and slew the three concerned suspects, among the a French and a French-Italian nationals. Live pictures are already streaming across social networks. Hundreds of state policemen sent in reinforcement to the northern island of Madagascar ever since and have been proceeding to twenty arrests so far. [See]

25/02/2013 | 21:10:52
The cyclone Haruna took its largest toll from Tulear City and its immediate vicinities. 13 casualties, 22 missing and 32 wounded, some 3000 people left homeless and more than 7000 other victims were reported by the latest body count. 18 schools and 12 public facilities have also been damaged by the cyclone. Look back on the twilight time of the city of the sun. [See]


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