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  Thursday, 18th december 2014  
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11/03/2014 | 08:27:12
According to the Rice Production Monitoring Department, Madagascar has imported some 400 000 tons of white rice to supply the local market all along the year 2013. Considering that the country used to need merely 200 000 tons a year at most, an all times best has been reached. [See]

27/02/2014 | 15:01:40
The local varieties of wines are still struggling to find their place in the Malagasy taste, and dethrone the country 's historic affordable beer and rum. Though challenged on the market by wines imported from South Africa, the Lazan'i Betsileo vintages Clos Malaza , Soavita or Maromby truly deserves more than a status of a takeaway tourist attraction, namely an entry in Madagascar's cooking. [See]

26/02/2014 | 08:55:32
The National Institute of Statistics and foreign financial backers do not produce the same valuation of poverty rate in Madagascar. According to the INSTAT , 76.5% of Malagasy live below the poverty line now , whereas the World Bank estimates that about 92% of the population does live below the poverty line in the country, more especially due to recent years of political crisis and its social and economic fallouts. [See]

16/11/2013 | 12:40:28
Over the latest months, a Mauritian consortium's intended takeover of the BNI Credit Agricole Bank has been increasingly creating the stir in Madagascar. The Credit Agricole Group has owned the lion's share of the BNI bank since its privatization in the end of the 1990's, and now decides to drop its 51% of the cake. The Ciel Investment consortium powered by the Mauritian Bank One bank heard the call and was on the verge of taking the bank's operations over. Still, in the end, the transitional prime minister seems very much taken with the completion of the process. [See]

29/09/2013 | 23:52:58
Since Madagascar's Central Bank's deputy governor passed away and since the transitional chancellor of the checker decided out of the blue to stand as candidate for the presidential trophy, the national finances are somehow lacking of a leading figure. Both of them have obviously been replaced. Although the whole of the financial system did not land into the most competent hands ever, the ruling power still rejected by international institutions did not drop its grip on it for so much. [See]

31/08/2013 | 16:27:27
Though Hery Rajaonarimampianina was supposed as finance minister to remain the ruling power’s machine man, he greatly surprised the political sphere when officially accepting to replace candidates Roger Kolo and Roland Etienne Jules, and, by so doing, unofficially becoming AndryRajoelina’s champion. As a matter of a mere coincidence or not, the latest economic reports of a likely bankruptcy of the state, the rampaging poverty and a pending social explosion having topping the headlines over the latest few days. [See]

06/07/2013 | 00:02:49
Even if most of the Malagasy are getting used to survive the most extreme conditions, the World Bank rang the warning bell, considering the lasting impoverishment spiral caused by the political crisis and poor governance. From 2009 to 2013, Andry Rajoelina's putsch and international dejected rule have been costing US$ 8 billions, amount calculated by the World Bank from the GDP's deficit. The putsch and the transitional rule deprived the country from a plus 20% growth. Before the crisis, the GDP used to regularly rise by more than 5% [See]

31/08/2012 | 13:56:33
Grève à la Jirama pour dénoncer la décentralisation et la probable privatisation des réseaux de distribution d’eau à Antananarivo, hausse incontrôlée des carburants auprès de certains distributeurs, reprise timide de l’exportation du riz, tels sont les évènements qui ont fait l’actualité économique à Madagascar au mois d’aout 2012. [See]

15/08/2012 | 11:36:12
Antsiranana succeeded in capturing the spotlight on various accounts. The DIANA region’s economic operators’ and regional politicians’ concerns about rosewood cargos and the SECREN company alarming decline were heard, namely by Transitional Prime Minister Omer Beriziky and some ministers of his transitional government who accepted to address the issue in a short session in the run of their visit. [See]

30/06/2012 | 22:01:26
As expected, Air Madagascar welcomed on the track of the airport of Ivato its second Airbus A340-300 by the end of June 2012. Officially, the choice for the European aircraft manufacturer has only commercial incentives and nothing to do with politics. The fact that the malagasy airline company is being directed by political and administrative leaders and HAT members, particularly by those from the Ministry of Finance, would be a mere coincidence, wouldn’t it? The transaction remains however a bargain [See]


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