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  Saturday, 20th december 2014  
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25/03/2014 | 08:33:54
In the run of the years 2009 and 2010's climax of the political crisis, twenty of the political prisoners who were sent to jail are still remaining behind bars. They used to serve as army officers and non commissioned officers involved in to the Ivato airbase (BANI) National State Police's Intervention Forces (FIGN) headquarters and February 7th 2009's shootout related cases. [See]

19/03/2014 | 21:08:48
The constitution of a democratic government as a pledge for long term political stability remains the international community's main condition, as reminded to the Malagasy elected president during his stay in New York city and Washington D.C. Promises of support and recovery of legitimacy are to get exchanged against a landmark political move. Nothing but a national unity government capable of reconciling the Malagasy people is expected, at the expenses of the new president's former allies yearning for an undisputed reign. [See]

15/03/2014 | 20:36:36
President Hery Rajaonarimampianina properly plays the clock and puts those unwilling to team up with the majority he needs to govern the country to the test. The appointment of the Prime Minister is not yet on the agenda for lack of compromise. The debate on the constitutional provisions is far from over . The challenge is the following: toppling the Mapar parliamentarian group from its self proclaimed leadership and recover control over the National Assembly and, in short, get rid of Rajoelina as potential head of government. [See]

14/03/2014 | 16:35:58
Jean Omer Beriziky is the luckiest of the scarce major survivors of the Transition's dismay. The current political stalemate on the Great Isle happens to be quite a fair stroke of luck to him. As long as the appointment of the new Head of Government keeps slow to materialize, the current Prime Minister remain in charge in the palace of Mahazoarivo . [See]

05/03/2014 | 07:49:30
The United States of America have not brought cases of violation of human rights on the Great Isle to light for the first time ever. The latest report by the State Department was only much more severe against local security forces, stigmatized for various abuses, more especially for arbitrary executions. [See]

28/02/2014 | 16:32:47
His silence began to be a cause for concern. The President of the Republic was increasingly bullied by his former friends turned by the course of events into his arch opponents. Hery Rajaonarimampianina took charge in a firm way and dismissed the transitional key men without more ado, whose functions had an impact on the political level. With growing support to rely on, he dared to turn the appointment of the Mapar group's Haja Resampa as prime minister, but promised not to bypass the law. At the same time , his favorite candidate Etienne Jules has to muster a majority in the National Assembly . [See]

27/02/2014 | 10:59:03
Hery Rajaonarimampianina will ultimately be allowed to freely choose his future Prime Minister. Despite the Mapar parliamentarian group's prerogative of enforcing its single candidate, the President took Jules Etienne's candidacy proposed by a Presidential Majority (PMP) currently trailing behind the Mapar in the National Assembly. The President's position was made stronger by the High Constitutional Court's non binding point about the appointment and function of the head of government, a point certainly influenced and supported by prominent law experts such as Honoré Rakotomanana. The Rajoelina sphere's power abates. [See]

26/02/2014 | 00:15:17
The president won a battle when successfully deterring the former leader of the Transition from claiming the Prime Minister's position for himself. The former transitional leader sends his clone in his stead, his trusted man, his political puppet. In opposition to the unique proposal of Haja Resampa, the Presidential Majority also proposed a name so far kept secret, possibly Jules Etienne . The High Constitutional Court refuses to referee the duel and keeps away from turning any legally binding advice out. [See]

20/02/2014 | 09:28:01
President Hery Rajaonarimampianina does not lose his cold blood in spite of his majority' suffered blow at the National Assembly in the run of the battle for the Prime Minister's position. He stoically conceded that his prime minister will have to be proposed by Andry Rajoelina's MAPAR group which claimed 49 seats out of 151. The country's new helmsman declared that the choice would have to emerge from negotiations alone and denies any argued international pressure. [See]

19/02/2014 | 13:06:57
Election promises produced by the former Transitional Minister of Justice convinced the MAPAR group's parliament members to stick to the line in the run of the vote. Some other parliament members have even swapped sides. Many privileges and especially the beloved 4WD vehicle served as decisive arguments in favor of Christine Razanamahasoa, now head of the National Assembly. The Republic's President's austerity policy is jeopardized. [See]


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