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  Sunday, 21th december 2014  
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05/05/2014 | 11:17:54
Est-ce une victoire pour la stabilité, le respect de la Constitution, la démocratie ? La petite crise institutionnelle au sein de l’Assemblée nationale a connu un épilogue attendu. La fin n’a jamais été un secret pour la Plate-forme pour la Majorité Présidentielle : renverser le bureau permanent présidé par la MAPAR Christine Razanamahasoa et donner une seconde chance à leur candidat Jean Max Rakotomamonjy. C’est le moyen d’y parvenir qui continue de faire débat. [See]

05/05/2014 | 08:07:52
With support from the PMP parliamentarian group as well as from previously Rajoelina supportive deputies of the MAPAR group, the Republic's new President succeeded in recovering ground inside the National Assembly's permanent office. Christine Razanamahasoa, a Rajoelina supportive deputy elected as head of the parliament back in February, now has to pack up and leave the stage to Jean Max Rakotomamonjy, a deputy whose allegiance goes to the Leader Fanilo party. Jean Max Rakotomamonjy was elected by all of the deputies who attended the session while the largest part of the MAPAR parliamentarian group stood away. [See]

30/04/2014 | 23:19:54
When State matters are turned into games, do we still have to be surprised by spotting a remake of the blockbuster Gangs of New York in the local National Assembly? The parliament's facilities are close to become battlegrounds disputed by two opposing parliamentarian groups. In the right corner, the PMP supportive of President Hery Rajaonarimampianina stands tall to the MAPAR in the opposite corner, supportive of Andry Rajoelina. The parliament's new internal rules are the formal bone of contention. The major stake in target is however the process of bringing the parliament's Permanent Office led by the Lower Chamber's Chairwoman down. Christine Razanamahasoa fastens her seat belt and clings to her position. [See]

29/04/2014 | 10:42:13
The SECES (Union of Superior Education Professors-Searchers and Professors-Teachers) together with the SYNCORMAE (Union of Foreign Office Ministry's Bodies) has raised the issue of the still disputed four Malagasy islands Glorieuses, Juan do Nova, Europa and Bassas da India anew, as a way to let it be clear that Malagasy scholars have in no way forgotten about this unfinished business. The conference took place at the Foreign Office's facilities' conference hall. [See]

26/04/2014 | 10:21:41
The least one can say is that the Republic's new President has a lot to do on schedule to restore any shadow of order in his administration bodies. Decentralization and the paramount distribution of power have so far remained projects. The transfer of State resources to its few decentralized branches has proved very limited, since the central administration still concentrates 96% of the State's expenses. State authority poorly echoes on the ground, while law application does not meet the expected success either. Mobs repeatedly render their own judgments and proceed to summary executions. Sentence: the strongly politicized Malagasy administration, largely undermined by nepotism and outdated human resources management, is nowhere near to meet its subjects' expectations. [See]

18/04/2014 | 23:06:29
The best part of the new government's 31 high composition has been serving ministries before, either as minister, secretary general or director. The zero tolerance for reappointment, basically wanted by the Republic's President as well as some of the World Community's member states, failed from getting fully implemented. "Such a stand was no formal order. Some of those may be kept in, if their service has been proving most valuable" commented Kolo Roger about the issue. The government's openness may be reflected by the fact that neither the President nor his Prime Minister has sworn allegiance to any political party. [See]

18/04/2014 | 22:34:58
Accouchement difficile mais sans douleur pour le premier gouvernement de la 4ème République. Le premier ministre Kolo Roger a ratissé large pour inclure les principales forces politiques présentes lors des dernières élections présidentielles et législatives. Les critères de sélection, qui ont été l’objet de toutes les interrogations, seraient l’expérience et la disponibilité à travailler avec le président de la République pour réaliser la politique générale de l’Etat. Dans les faits, les portefeuilles du gouvernement ont été partagés à des partis et mouvances politiques au nom de l’inclusivité et de la réconciliation nationale. Même le Mapar y est présent… de facto naturellement. [See]

11/04/2014 | 17:39:59
In the end, it has taken the President of the Republic no less than two months and a half to turn one of the former presidential candidates who introduced him on the presidential race' starting line into his Prime Minister. Kolo Roger finally claims victory over his younger contender Jules Etienne. The Chief of State argues that his choice would be the mere materialization of the parliamentarian leading majority's will, in full compliance with the Constitution's article 54. He must have not meant the MAPAR group at all. When formally making the appointment of his prime minister public, President Hery Rajaonarimampianina created the stir by carefully refraining from pronouncing his name a single time. [See]

28/03/2014 | 10:04:26
Christine Razanamahasoa reacted with bitterness and sense of rebellion to the High Constitutional Court's challenge of the election of the National Assembly's presidency's permanent bureau. She, who has been propelled by the members of MAPAR and the GPS at the head of the lower chamber, could by rights expect no sympathy, but certainly not such an ejection that so early. She points at dictatorial deviation from the executive and the judiciary powers; dramatic irony, is it not? [See]

25/03/2014 | 08:33:54
In the run of the years 2009 and 2010's climax of the political crisis, twenty of the political prisoners who were sent to jail are still remaining behind bars. They used to serve as army officers and non commissioned officers involved in to the Ivato airbase (BANI) National State Police's Intervention Forces (FIGN) headquarters and February 7th 2009's shootout related cases. [See]


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