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  Saturday, 20th december 2014  
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13/05/2014 | 10:19:19
At the famous Manarapenitra Hopital opened shortly before the transitional leader had to leave his position, the number of consultations is progressively going down. The hospital is now on its way to be howling, for failing to have gained patients' confidence. The inner organization is light years away from matching international standards. [See]

30/04/2014 | 09:01:37
The Dahalo resume marauding through the southern regions of Madagascar. In the immediate vicinity of Ihosy, the local population supported by state policemen clashed with rogue dahalo raiders. 40 people were brought down as a result, a majority of them used to swear allegiance to the foe. This dahalo gang was conducting a campaign of its own for a while, and had so far been capturing hundreds of zebus from several villages of the Ihorombe region, largely unopposed. Scores of Madagascar' southern villagers usually have to bear repeated onslaughts from hundreds of dahalo raiders, at a time. They are greedy for cattle first and foremost, but do not often waste the opportunity to take away what they want when they can. Raids of this kind have significantly lessened in number over the latest months. Its over now. Time for plunder seems to have come again. In the Amboasary district, people were spotted fleeing the dreaded Dahalo by thousands. Cattle theft as a whole has never been decisively dealt with over the Great Isle. The year 2009's putsch and its entailed economic downturn nearly brought the affected areas to the brink of an armed insurrection. Over the latest years, raiding parties are often composed with hundreds of men armed with AK-47 type assault rifles, massively overrunning villages. The dahalo scourge mostly befalls Madagascar' southern lands because of its large dedication to breeding cattle. Roaming flocks are besides lightly defended, therefore easy game for raiders. The resumption of such violence is likely to make matters more complicated than they already are to the new ruling power. The Republic's President Hery Rajaonarimampianina, who came in charge in January, and his Prime Minister Kolo Roger, who has freshly created his government, might have not expected to have to deal with such a problematic issue as so early. [See]

24/04/2014 | 22:20:30
Present financial issues considerably affect long term social welfare management in general as a matter of fact. Social welfare institution members feel by and large burdened by heavy contributions in return of very little turnover compared to what has been paid. How come could the trend get reversed? How could Malagasy workers finally buy the fact that contributions to the National Social Security System are no tax paid by job providers, but rather a long term process to secure financial security for workers and their families? [See]

16/04/2014 | 11:38:43
Over the latest days, the so far quiet city of Antsirabe has been bearing the full power of a massive onslaught from legions of migrating locusts. Although the city has been through similar situations before, the local population's outrage is now revived by the feeling that no significant action has capitalized to turn the odds. As usual, the developing scourge and the lack of conclusive response will take their largest toll from local farmers. [See]

11/04/2014 | 08:32:32
Life has resumed going on as it always used to in the northwestern part of Madagascar recently affected by the cyclone Hellen’s visit. The largest number of the affected population has already recovered home, and all of the pupils are back to school, where they belong. Still, a healthcare related threat has not disappeared yet. [See]

29/03/2014 | 21:11:54
In 2014, the remembrance of the year 1947's uprising developed in quite a Spartan way without political capital of any kind made from it, in contrast to what regularly happened over the recent years of transition rule. President Hery Rajaonarimampianina does certainly not have to justify his rise to power with any dubious evidence of patriotism, as his putsch making predecessor did. The President rather appeared as the leader of a front fighting a war against quite a tough enemy: poverty. [See]

10/03/2014 | 07:24:26
Over the last few days, Madagascar’s central big cities’ inhabitants have become acquainted with the electric power outages planed again by the JIRAMA, the national electric energy supplying company. These power shortages are deemed to serve maintenance purposes tackled at the major power plant of Andekaleka located in the east of the capital city, according to the JIRAMA’ says. [See]

08/03/2014 | 18:51:04
Without being stranded into its traditions, the Malagasy society has been preserving some traditional principles and morals that define the position of women. Gender equality is a new policy concept that upsets the established order. Gender equality triggers a new emancipation for these queens coming down from heaven, for those wombs of the nation. [See]

07/03/2014 | 07:42:54
The quality of the gas sold in Madagascar is utterly poor. This has been no secret to drivers for ages. Now, this quality only reaches another record low. Car drivers currently rumble at the fact that gas stations stuff their tanks with air in return of their money basically supposed to purchase fuel. [See]

28/02/2014 | 20:47:42
It is no dream place where people would like to live, but a little more than a thousand people have chosen to settle there out of necessity. " La Reunion kely " is a special "district" at the center of the capital , Antananarivo, standing along dump and the major Andriantany sewer. Poverty is their everyday environment, but they have no choice. [See]


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