Saturday , 24 July 2021
The French Secretary of State in charge of cooperation and the French speaking countries' organization, has, all along his visit to Antananarivo, carefully been avoiding the press. Alain Joyandet is tackling a new round of negotiations between the Malagasy political mobilities. France is a lone rider into this.

Alain Joyandet: mediation within the mediation

The proposed solutions are not that different from those previously proposed by Jean Ping, President of the African Union’s Commission, namely “credible” elections, a national unity government, and security for Marc Ravalomanana’s return on home soil. 

The situation is on standstill since the end of 2009. The High Authority of Transition is definitely unable to manage the country, let alone lead it to any fantastic Republic. The schedule put forth by Andry Rajoelina is changing as often as the temperature. In the opposite corner, the opponent is as so unable, or unwilling to dare the odds. Could there be any better suited definition of a bogged down situation? France’s sudden mediation is appearing of the former colonial power’s exhaustion and will to draw the Malagasy crisis to an end. The French authorities are most likely conscious that Rajoelina is heading straight to the crash, and far too…young…to catch it up. France is equally as so conscious that it shan’t do away with Marc Ravalomanana as so easily, despite all of the HAT will to do so with all of the former presidents as well as with the Maputo.  

According to believable sources, the Frenchies are fed up with the Malagasy crisis. Reluctance to a new round of negotiation will have to be dropped. Alain Joyandet is planning to meet Marc Ravalomanana in South Africa. His tour of mobility chiefs is completed. A new meeting between Didier Ratsiraka, Albert Zafy, Andry Rajoelina and Marc Ravalomanana is being organized by the Frenchies, very much anxious to preserve their economic interests in a decaying country.