Saturday , 2 July 2022
The transitional power is addressing the amnesty bill while considering the SADC’s recommendations…its way. According to its basic draft, figures deemed to be pardoned would not be entitled to recover the right to run elections again.

Amnesty bill : its basic draft is ruling Marc Ravalomanana out

Could the amnesty draft be passed the way it is, Marc Ravalomanana would not be able to run the next presidential elections. What a great victory it would be for Andry Rajoelina and his supporters.

In the end, the latest mission led by Marius Fransman in the name of the SADC rather conceded the exclusion of the former president from political arenas, since keeping him away from recovering home soil is judicially impossible. The option would be a blessing for the year 2009’s putsch makers and their French backers definitely averse to having to face up to Marc Ravalomanana. What about the Ravalomanana sphere’s ministers’ point? Moreover, how would his supporters react to such a blow, knowing that their leader’s popularity has never been so undisputable countrywide, according to a survey