Monday , 4 July 2022
A new spark of hope for the crisis´settlement can once again be expected. The international mediators will soon be in Antananarivo this week in order to draw the issue onto the latest straight line

International and national mediators facing up a busy week



Leonardo Simao, the SADC envoy, is supposed to meet the crisis´ main actors again. Preliminary meetings with the various political leaders involved in it, including the transitional leader, have this time around paved his way to this official visit. A deal would be underway, in spite of extremist views from all sides. The African Union and the SADC would be keen on drawing the Malagasy crisis to an end before their next summit´s beginning by the end of January. This particularly mild crisis has been burdening for a couple of years, although the African continent will have to face up to many more tense electoral showdowns in 2011