Monday , 4 July 2022
A large crowd of supporters welcomed Rajoelina at the airport. Shows were organized on stands. On which account? That is the question. Turning out a speech at the UN headquarters is apparently a cause for celebration for the HAT´s president

Misplaced triumphalism on top of the High Authority of Transition

The Rajoelina band recalls the expression “international recognition” all the way. The opposition holds it as a “commitment” to implement the recently signed roadmap.
The so named roadmap makes it absolutely clear. Recognition will be eventually granted as a reward to the erection of the NEW transition´s institutions. There is quite a long way to go.
In late 2002, Marc Ravalomanana was allowed to boast this way, for he perfectly knew that he would get it right. At the time, the African Union accepted the legitimacy of the new government after the organization of early legislative elections, although AU was the last international institution opposed to that by the time. Rajoelina, however, enjoys the fun whenever possible, even though chaos has the upper hand.