Thursday , 1 December 2022
Thrill is in the air. A young Malagasy couple has recently opened “Cinema Extreme” in Antananarivo, the first ever 5D movie theater, no less, in the Malagasy capital city. The project was substantially quite expensive to the young investors

5D cinema in for the conquest of Antananarivo

The Rabenarivo keep remaining optimistic although the consented investment requires a ticket price of 6 000 Ariary for each 5 to 10 minutes of this unique entertainment presentation… definitely not affordable to everyday`s average Joe is it`? Still, the lucky ones assessed that the feeling is worth the cost. The theater opened up on September 21st. Cinema Extreme can offer 80 short movies ready and waiting to fly an audience of 18 people at a time onto unknown sensational territory. The travel happens however to be forbidden to pregnant women and people affected by nerve related health issues. Faint hearted, keep away.