Friday , 20 May 2022
Travelers making their way to Toamasina city, are used to have an early and short break on the National Road 2 at a small town called Ambanitsena, some 15 miles in the east of Antananarivo city.

Ambanitsena, the safe haven for sausage lovers

Ambanitsena is a standard village still widely surrounded by the typical central highlands’ nature, a landscape composed with eucalyptus woods and rice fields spreading across the nearest hills. Still, Ambanitsena remains an attraction in itself to travelers and truck drivers on their way to and from the East. A large majority of them does not drop the opportunity to make a stop there, of course for a warm cup of tea or coffee, but much more specifically for slices of the delicious locally produced sausages.
Ambanitsena became a crossroad’ stopover, where local innkeepers continuously put large smiles on when welcoming never ending waves of clients greedy for the famed sausages, even though they often have to do it 24/7 all over again.  There must be a ground to that. Any client may expect to find it out at will, for one inn at the very least will have its doors opened and its meals and sausages ready and waiting for them whenever they care to join in.