Saturday , 2 July 2022
Andry Rajoelina, self proclaimed transitional leader, emphatically pushes for presidential elections held as the Malagasy political crisis’ settlement key. He recently had the occasion to meet the United Nations’ Secretary General. A meeting with the president of the SADC is coming next. Rajoelina produced quite a disappointing speech on Mai 22nd when merely defending his will to tackle his elections as soon as possible.

Andry Rajoelina dying for winning the elections

So, Andry Rajoelina merely replayed his very same and three years old advocacy produced when a putsch enforced a socially and economically disastrous transition in Madagascar. Concerning former president Marc Ravalomanana’s come home, he denied any signed agreement. Rajoelina wants nothing but settling the issue through his elections in spite of the growing political and social grudge. “No one can oppose my candidacy in the next election”, he declared