Sunday , 2 October 2022
Antsirabe city, located 120 miles south of the capital city, on the famous National Road 7, happens to be a must when visiting the country. Over the latest decades Water City's Independence Avenue has been being famed for remaining at best suited to relieving walks. Naught but a strange tranquility is the gif offered by this sanctuary. Scores of visitors love to enjoy it in a rickshaw, or in one of those newer models propelled by a bicycle.

Antsirabe: peace avenue

The avenue extends from the local train station, structures of which go back to the colonial era, to the Hotel des Thermes at its other end. Both major buildings seem to have been erected as watchtowers overlooking a human history museum. Not only the station, but also scores of various other facilities actually originate from the colonial times, as reflected by their peculiar design. They have been proving lucky enough to regularly get cared of and waves of modernity at a time over the years. Besides, a ride on the Avenue provides with the possibility to spot the whole western side of Antsirabe City as well as on the mighty hill of Ivohitra