Saturday , 2 July 2022
Joaquim Chissano is being expected in Antananarivo by the end of the week according to the opposition leaders. The former Mozambican president will have the occasion to meet the political crisis’ various actors.

International mediation : Joaquim Chissano is being expected in Antananarivo

A mission led by a former Mozambican minister has previously paved Chissano’s way to the Great Isle. The home political evolution was in focus by then

According to the High Authority of Transition, the SADC mediator’s trip would not be a problem for the quest of a Malagasy grown settlement. The SADC would not oppose such a process either, according to its latest delegation sent in Antananarivo. The focus was on the “National Dialog”, dimmed to be held in August. However, the opposition is, for the time being, not inclined to take part.