Thursday , 1 December 2022
District of Vavatenina, 4 days of celebrations! The 9th edition of the Festival Jerijery is going to take place from October 2010, 28th to 31st.

Jerijery-Vavatenina festival 9th edition: Cassiya from Mauritius on the list


The posters are already seen all over Toamasina city and its periphery. Score of artistic bands will be in for the great show. This year’s festival is trending to become International as reflected by the involvement of the widely famed sega band, Cassiya from Mauritius. Since the Jerijery festival’s 1st edition in 2001, promoters have always been inviting the artists of the year, namely Big MJ and Oladad Afindrafindrao. Long time famed artists Norah, Zeze Mahanoro, Oza Jérôme, Sily, Dat’Kotry, So.Ma. Wa, Dedake Manetiketiky, Dors ‘ Groupe, Tianjama, Marcelline Sodifafana, Bebert Zanan’Antimaroa, will equally be in for it. 
Vavatenina is one of Tamatave’s barns, 
Apart from the Alaotra-Mangoro region, Vavatenina remains one of the major barns of the Tamatave’s province. The Iazafo valley constitutes its economic rice culture potential. This time around, the Festival’s promoters emphasizes through the Jeryjery festival the idea that Vavatenina is equally a famed destination for musical concerts’ fans.